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Luke asks
How do you get into the house if you forget the magic key?
2016-10-31 22:12:12
Santa says
Comet uses his Hooves and kicks the door down. (only joking... we repair it before we leave)
Brayden and Jaylyn asks
Santa are we on the good list
Santa says
Hello Brayden and hello Jayln. It looks like you are on the good list yes. Well done. You keep being good and you'll have a lovely Christmas.
Sam asks
Hi Santa, are we on the naughty list?
2016-11-14 17:34:13
Santa says
Hey Sam. I can't see you on the naughty list. Would you like me to put you on it? 😋
Saira brown asks
Hello santa am i on the nice list
2016-11-03 15:55:22
Santa says
Hello Saira, what a lovely name! It looks like the nice list. You must have been wonderful this year.

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