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Staci asks
Dear Santa, i want an Easy Bake Oven that blue
2016-11-10 16:03:47
Santa says
Hey Staci, what a great gift. Will you bake me some cookies in it? Lol
Tom asks
Hello Santa, I live in flat, if not a secret to tell me how you leave presents under the tree, and if there is no chimney?
2016-11-22 03:49:53
Santa says
Hey Tom, don't panic. Thats what the magic key is for. Make sure your tree is looking good too this year.
Noah asks
Dear santa I wanted to ask you if I am in the noddy list I did work
2016-11-22 00:46:57
Santa says
The Noddy list? I'm not sure I've hear of that one. I CAN tell you, you are not on the naughty list though.
Àsha asks
Santa does anyone buy you a present or presents? You deserve one more than anyone. P.S. Mum says you like cookies and milk to be left but if everyone leaves the same you must get sick of them, is there anything else you would like for a change? X
2016-11-17 15:26:45
Santa says
Hello Àsha, Mrs Christmas does buy me a present. I did tell the Elves not to get me anything. With hundreds of Elves working here at the North Pole, I'd have too many to enjoy. Whilst out delivery I'm often left gifts and pictures by the children as I'm delivering. We have a room with all our favourites on the wall here. As for cookies and milk, delivering to so many people burns a lot of calories. You don't think my big tummy has come from Mrs Christmas Sunday lunch do you? Ho ho ho. I'm very happy with anything thats left for me. You have to remember too, the reindeer do like to eat too. :-)

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