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Rochelle asks
Please get my grandpa well soon .
2016-11-19 16:26:00
Santa says
I'm sorry to hear about your Grandpa and all of us here wish him well. I'm sure with your love and support he will appreciate it and it will help him. Thank you for getting in touch Rochelle.
Dlin asks
Hey Santa I love you can I Sing-a-Song for you we wish you a marry Christmas
2016-11-03 15:00:26
Santa says
Hello Dlin, thank you Maybe you can sing it on the Santa Radio App? We would love to hear it.
Tegan asks
Ive been a good girl and have tried really hard in school
2016-11-24 04:13:53
Santa says
Thats great to hear Tegan. Well done to you. Head Elf told me how good you've been. You stay good and tell your friends to listen to Santa Radio too. Ho ho ho.
Alicia asks
Hello Santa, I was wondering why do you live in the North Pole?
2016-11-20 16:18:51
Santa says
Hello Alicia. It's a long story but here are a few of the reasons... It's easy to start my deliveries on Christmas Eve, I turn left or right and head south. I also like cold weather. I can stay away from the paparazzi. (photographers from newspapers). There are very few people here so I can spread out. (the workshop is huge). And... you could say that every day I feel 'On top of the World' Ho ho ho.

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