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Mantas asks
Hello Santa, or I am in the naughty or nice list?
2016-11-23 16:25:10
Santa says
I'll just go and check......... hang on........ i'll be right back........ Oh, found it...... Yes....... Your on the NICE list! 😋
Donald J Trump asks
Hello Santa. I never expected to be President. I was only joking. Can you send me lots of Lego bricks so I can build that wall please? Also a handbook on how to do this job! 👍
2016-11-09 08:56:39
Santa says
Hello Mr Trump. Remember to keep your promises, don't upset people and and do you want a 'small hands' book? Lol
վɑտʍíղ asks
Hey Santa....í ӏօѵҽ վօմ տօ ʍմեϲհ թƙҽɑժҽ ҍɾíҍց ʍҽ ӏօետ օƒ թɾҽտҽղետ
2016-11-11 19:42:49
Santa says
Hello. I like the font. Thats very clever.
Emily Bortz asks
How are u?
2016-11-19 15:15:28
Santa says
I'm lovely thank you Emily. I hope you are too.

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