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The Best Christmas Music

Santa Radio delivers a sack full of it.

Christmas is coming!

Let's face it, until Halloween is out the way, most people shake their head when it comes to, "Do you love Christmas Music?"
Yet, it's funny that once that spooky part of the year is well and truly out the way and all the spooky Halloween voices are not on every other commercial, our love for Christmas and all it brings is turned way up to over 11.
Which side of the tree are you on? Love it? Or loathe it?



Love or hate Christmas music?

As you scroll through Twitter with the search term 'Christmas Music', you'll find a real mixed bunch of comments.
You'll certainly see plenty of hatred towards it. But, it is hugely out weighed with a love for these magical festive music tracks that just transport us to the time of the year when it's all a bit magical.
Christmas music puts us in the mood. It makes us forget some of our troubles and it also makes us just that bit kinder and more considerate to those around us.

Timeless Christmas classics

The classic songs by Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra and Andy Williams have stood the test of time and it's hard to imagine any of todays offerings have the same impact. Why?
When you listen to White Christmas, it does remind you of an era that was far simpler than it is now. No mobile phones, no Facebook, no tv with thousands of channels. It was a time when people talked to each other. A time when Christmas meant more than racing round the shops from the start of October frantically to buy any old tat just because it was cheap.



The best Christmas music

Here at Santa Radio, our Christmas music has been carefully researched and selected. Behind the scenes is a team with a strong radio background of 20+ years who understands how the right music choice can make or break a radio station.
Sprinkled with Santa, Listeners and Celebrity messages, the most amazing thing about internet radio are the statistics we have access too. We are able to see which tracks are the strongest and which tracks have listeners turning us off. So with careful pruning we feel we have a playlist that keeps our audience happy.

New Christmas music?

While we do have what we consider, the best variety of Christmas music on the planet, we are open to new artists letting us hear their work. From January up until November we do try out and introduce new music to our playlist. To eliminate submissions that just want to be playlisted and no reason why they've chosen Santa Radio, we do have a criteria that needs to be met to protect you our audience. After all, we want you to enjoy Santa Radio and enjoy the biggest and best holiday music of any Christmas radio station worldwide.

Merry Christmas to you and thank you for listening.