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Santa Radio History

Santa never considered being a DJ, but one night, things changed...

One Christmas Eve night, many years ago, after a particularly busy night delivering presents to all the boys and girls around the world, Santa returned to the North Pole to be greeted by Mrs Claus and his tired, hardworking elves. They had made some truly magical toys this year and Santa wondered how he could thank them.
As he stepped down from his sleigh, he shouted “Ho, Ho, Ho, Merry Christmas! To thank you all for your hard work, we’re having a party!” The elves quickly rearranged the workshop and Mrs Claus brought in her famously delicious Christmas cookies. There was just one thing missing… a DJ.



Santa saw the excitement on everyone’s faces and, for one night only, decided to change his persona. Off would come the big red suit and on would go his comfy lounge pants! He grabbed the dusty old boom box and decks and began to play his favourite Christmas music. The elves couldn’t believe their eyes and the sound of excited chants flooded the workshop.
The crowds gathered, and with Michael Buble’s infamous ‘It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas’ being stylishly mixed with ‘Fairy Tale of New York’, the elves and Mrs Claus danced merrily until the early hours.

The following morning, Santa thought to himself ‘wouldn’t it be wonderful if everyone around the world could feel the Christmas cheer we felt last night?’ Santa wasted no time and grabbed his head elf, Bella and they came up with a plan. And just like that, Santa Radio was born!
The elves and frost fairies magically transformed the wrapping room into a studio using all the left over toy making wood! Santa was amazed and couldn’t wait to get started. He quickly tested the mic with a “Rudolph, Rudolph, 1,2,3” and he was off, selecting all his favourite Christmas songs for everyone to hear, calling in some favours from celebrities for some merry messages.



He soon discovered how popular the Santa Radio website had become and with the help of Santa’s ‘techy’ elves, they decided to develop an app for the ‘on the go/plug and play’ people too. You can now listen to Santa Radio wherever you are. Santa later thought, whilst sipping his hot chocolate by the roaring log fire, how one of his greatest joys is to listen to the wonder in children’s’ voices when they talk about him. Could there be any way for the children to send him messages on Santa Radio? That sure would brighten up a frosty morning at the North Pole!

With a sprinkling of glitter and a handful of magic snowflakes, Santa’s Little Helpers became a scheduled show that he dedicated to the little ones and what better way to do this by allowing children to send him an audio message directly from the app. And, if you listen carefully, you might even hear those messages played in between the Christmas songs...
‘The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear’! Santa knew that not everyone knows all the words to every Christmas song so he decided to implement a lyrics section and people soon learnt it’s ‘Deck the Halls with Boughs of Holly’ and not ‘Deck the Halls with Bras of Holly’…
Ho, Ho, Ho!