Santa Radio

Graham Parker & Nona Hendryx

Sing along with the karaoke lyrics for Soul Christmas

Mom and Daddy sat around the Christmas tree
The kids played with presents on the floor
It's A Wonderful Life was showin' on TV
They were all gettin' kinda bored
So Daddy jumped up and said let's liven things up
I was a big time producer you know
I'll make a few calls, make a few old connections
Get a few friends over to blow

So Sam and Dave turned up in a black Cadillac
James Brown flew in from the south
Everybody wondered if this thing would swing
But then Mary Wells opened her mouth
And oh, what a heavenly sound came out
Then there was a knock on the door (knock knock)
There stood Eddie Floyd with a smile on his face
And everybody yelled for more

It was a Soul Christmas
We got a Soul Christmas
We got a Soul Christmas
And we're gonna rock it right through
The whole of the new year

Daddy called Al Jackson and Duck Dunn too
Cropper showed up with his guitar
Booker T was in the kitchen makin' Memphis Stew
Sam Cooke was workin' the bar
Then came Carla Thomas, look for her tram
And I swear the next morning I saw
Comin' right down the chimney was
Otis himself y'all dressed up as Santa Claus


Daddy called some backin' singers from Detroit
They were dancin' all over that room
Don Covay said there ain't no doubt about it
Little Milton's gonna turn up soon
Outside the snow was deep and crisp and even
And a poor man struggled to the door
And standin' right there singin' songs of deliverance
Was Al Green with a full gospel choir
Everybody said this is better than Jingle Bells
When Junior Walker blew on his sax
They turned that middle class home out in suburbia
Into a chicken shack
But the one big question on everybody's lips was
Where is the Queen of Soul?
Is that sweet Mama gonna grace us with her presence
Hey, when is Aretha gonna show?