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wesley belanger asks
Hey name is wesley belanger I’ve been a good boy this year I was wondering if I could have a Xbox 1 and wwe shirts thanks Santa love you
2018-12-25 03:47:28
Santa says
Hi Wesley. Sorry for the delay, I was delivering presents when you text me. Did you have a super fun day?
Aracelis asks
Hey Santa... well i wanted to ask not to be greedy, what i am going to get i am very excided! btw merry chritmas
2018-12-25 01:51:30
Santa says
Hi Aracelis. I’ve just got back to the North Pole. Im sure you are happy with what you have and you realise you are more fortunate than most children ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Leo and gio asks
hi we are leo and gio merry x-mass
2018-12-24 23:40:47
Santa says
Hi Leo
Haylie asks
hey santa! im messaging you for my nephews!
2018-12-24 23:34:42
Santa says
Hey Haylie. Great! Merry Christmas to you all ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
mindy Walters asks
Hey Santa...
2018-12-24 23:25:49
Santa says
Hey Mindy ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
paul asks
dont get aiden anything
2018-12-24 23:16:51
Santa says
Hi Paul. That’s not very nice. I think I’ll put you on the naughty list..Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alishia asks
Hey Santa am i on the baughty or nuce list
2018-12-24 21:42:53
Santa says
Not sure I know what those lists are? But I do see you are on the NICE list :-)
Aracelis asks
hello santa so i was wondering if i am naughty or nice please tell me
2018-12-24 20:34:54
Santa says
Hi Aracelis. I’m currently on the sleigh but Rudolph said he remembers seeing you on the nice list. Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Scarlett golden asks
Hey Santa it’s Scarlett thank you for delivering all the presents all around the world And thank for me certificate For being on the nice list
2018-12-24 20:12:54
Santa says
Hi Scarlett. You are very welcome. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Chloe asks
please could i have vans and makeup for christmas plz xxx
2018-12-24 20:08:08
Santa says
Hi Chloe. I have your gifts on my sleigh now. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Marvyn asks
is it ok for me to wriggle in bed tonight and you willstillcome?
2018-12-24 19:25:49
Santa says
Hey Marvyn. Wiggling is all part of the excitement. Try and see if you can keep still and you’ll soon be asleep ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sabine asks
Hey Santa...hello from Sabine!!
2018-12-24 19:05:04
Santa says
Hey Sabine. Hello from Santa ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Libby asks
thank you santa for the gifts
2018-12-24 18:38:40
Santa says
Hi Libby. You’re very welcome. I’m glad you like them ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
ayla asks
Have a good night santa and merry christmas
2018-12-24 17:45:27
Santa says
Thank you, Ayla. I’m currently in Egypt delivering presents. See you soon ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ayla asks
Hey Santa...merry Christmas from ayla
2018-12-24 17:42:02
Santa says
Hi Ayla. Merry Christmas from Santa ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
lorrimer asks
hey santa i keep being mean to my brother and sister i need help being good
2018-12-24 17:27:02
Santa says
You certainly do, can you try a little harder Lorrimer?
Ayla asks
hello santa how are uou g Hey Santa...
2018-12-24 16:51:39
Santa says
Hi Ayla. I’m very well thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
poppy asks
Hey Santa I love you
2018-12-24 15:30:03
Santa says
Hi Poppy. That’s very sweet. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Caitlin asks
Hey Santa... am I on the naughty or nice list
2018-12-24 11:21:50
Santa says
Hi Caitlin. My elves have said you’re on the NICE list!!! Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sasha asks
Hey Santa... i really want a phone for christmas so i hope you can bring me one thank yoh
2018-12-24 06:40:28
Santa says
Hi Sasha. You’ll have to wait and see what I have for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Gillian asks
Hey Santa... i wanted to tell you that you make everyone happy so you are the best 😊 hope you have a wonderful christmas! ho ho ho!
2018-12-24 05:24:49
Santa says
Hi Gillian. Thank you, that’s very sweet of you. I’ve also noticed you also make everyone happy! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tiffany asks
Hey’s life?
2018-12-24 05:11:05
Santa says
Hey Tiffany. Life is pretty good, thank you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Asher asks
Hey Santa...I want a nintendo swich for christmas.
2018-12-24 04:29:52
Santa says
Hi Asher. Did you mean ‘I would like a Nintendo switch’? Hmmm, thought so. Ho, Ho, Ho. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Isabelle asks
Hey Santa... there was something else I wanted, it is like a blue sand/slime that I really liked... I also wanted another tsum tsum wonzie because mine was getting small. thank you.
2018-12-24 04:25:53
Santa says
Hi Isabelle. You’ve been eating all your dinners and that’s why it’s too small. Well done for being so lovely this year ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sebastian asks
Hey Santa...i am sebastian and i was very goos today
2018-12-24 04:21:08
Santa says
Hey Sebastian. Well done, I noticed you had ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mary asks
Hey Santa... I want a new heated Jacket ,1000 dollars,Apple TouchScreen Labtop, Mary Ocken
2018-12-24 04:20:04
Santa says
Hi Mary. Christmas is about being happy and money can’t buy that kind of happiness. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kaylee asks
Hey Santa I love you! Please have a safe trip!!...
2018-12-24 04:06:04
Santa says
Hi Kaylee. That’s very kind, thank you and merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Hey Santa...thank you so much for presents you are so nice to me merry christmas!!!!❤️☃️
2018-12-24 03:56:06
Santa says
Hi Adalyn. You are very welcome. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Libby asks
libby wont go to bed
2018-12-24 03:55:39
Santa says
Oh dear, shall I send an Elf round? ho ho ho
Kaylee asks
Hey Santa...i am very excited for Christmas! cant wait until you come. jinglesa and bell have been great!!
2018-12-24 03:51:42
Santa says
Hey Kaylee. I’m glad you’ve had fun with your elves. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sophia asks
Hey Santa... How do you get all around the world in one night?
2018-12-24 03:22:51
Santa says
Hi Sophia. I have a Stardust Animatter Propulsion Engine on the sleigh. It allows me to travel at superluminal speed ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Julie asks
Hello santa, This year I would like another Twisty pet... A LOL Big supprise if It is not to big to fit in your seligh! I mean this year I was pretty rude to my sister but you know I really dont like her!
2018-12-24 02:27:06
Santa says
I do think you need to try a little harder to get on with her Julie please.
Julie asks
Hello Santa, this year I have been good.
2018-12-24 02:22:40
Santa says
Hi Julie. You certainly have, well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Maryella asks
Hey Santa... Merry Christmas!!! i hope you have a safe trip.
2018-12-24 02:20:12
Santa says
Hi Maryella. That’s very kind of you, thank you and Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mikha asks
Hey Santa... hope the North Pole is doing well. i want a macbook for christmas and that ive been a good girl
2018-12-24 01:34:46
Santa says
Well done Mikha. I'll see what we can do for you.
Dominic Davis asks
Hey Santa...can I please have a 128gb 6th generation blue or gold ipod touch please and thank you Love,Dominic Davis ps please have it here by christmas 2018
2018-12-24 01:30:07
Santa says
Leave that one with me Dominic, thank you for letting me know.
Elle asks
Hey i on your naughty list
2018-12-24 01:28:47
Santa says
Not that I can see Elle.
Luca asks
Hi Santa... I would like to have a dog for Christmas!
2018-12-24 01:27:06
Santa says
Ok, some people have Turkey Luca. Oh you mean as a pet? Ah, I can't carry live animals, but I will speak to your parent.
Niko Thomas asks
Hey Santa...this is niko
2018-12-24 01:20:27
Santa says
Hey Niko, this is Santa.
Ciera asks
Hey Santa... I allreadys sent you my cristmas list but you should know that I have always wanted a turtle so if possible can you please bring me a turtle i understand if you cant tho but Marru Cristmas and Happy new year
2018-12-24 01:07:26
Santa says
It's something I can't carry on board. Not sure it would cope with the high speeds. I'll speak to your parent Ciera.
tahito asks
why you always lien!?! your not real
2018-12-24 01:05:16
Santa says
Lien? You mean Lying? I'm not sure what I've lied about? I'm certainly real and if you've asked for something for Christmas, I'll be sure to deliver it Tahito.
Sarah poop head asks
2018-12-24 01:04:25
Santa says
Sarah asks
Hey how are you? Is it snowy up in the North pole? Merry christmas
2018-12-24 01:01:18
Santa says
It sure is. Mind you, it's like that all year round. Thank you Sarah.
Logan asks
hi santa logans been a good boy today
2018-12-24 00:10:26
Santa says
Thats great news, thank you for letting me know. Well done Logan.
Abriella asks
Hey Santa...what am i getting for christmas
2018-12-23 23:59:47
Santa says
All the things you wished for Abriella. A new bike. and a bracelet maker. and bath bomb maker. Merry Christmas.
Baylor Smithson asks
Hey Santa... my name is baylor
2018-12-23 23:47:19
Santa says
Hello Baylor, my name is Santa.
Madison asks
are you ready for christmas
2018-12-23 23:37:15
Santa says
Oh yes. I hope you are too.
Madison asks
Hey Santa... how are you
2018-12-23 23:34:54
Santa says
Great thank you Madison
sude asks
Hey Santa... all i want for christmas is a popsocket, and point shoes
2018-12-23 23:30:54
Santa says
A simple but great list Sude.
Lillian asks
hi santa how are th3 raindeer i hope they are good. it almost christmas are you happy
2018-12-23 23:27:37
Santa says
They are all on top form thank you Lillian. Thank you for asking.
bee asks
Hey Santa... what are you doing
2018-12-23 22:36:25
Santa says
I'm replying to you Bee. Merry Christmas.
Hailey B asks
Hey Santa...My Dad and I decided that we are going to sleep over at my grandma and granpas. can you please stop by their place instead of my dad’s. I will bring the milk and cokies to their place. Hope you and your raindeer have a safe trip. love Haile
2018-12-23 22:29:32
Santa says
Well done for letting me know. I would have found you anyway. I'll make a note. Thank you Hayley. Well done for being so good this year too.
emmett asks
hi santa, am i on the nice list?
2018-12-23 22:23:13
Santa says
It looks like you are Emmett. Well done..
caitlin asks
Hey Santa...i just was wondering if you have been watching my kids today, seems to me that they are actinng a little too wild for two days before christmas.....
2018-12-23 22:19:16
Santa says
Mmm, let them know you've spoken to me and maybe they'll calm a little. Fingers crossed.
josh asks
Hey Santa...would you be able to come to our place in ankeny iowa on christmas eve ?
2018-12-23 22:10:28
Santa says
I know exactly where you are Josh. Thank you for letting me know though.
kaitlyn asks
hi santa how have you been? i know that there is only 1 day left untill you make your big trip!🤩 Am i on the naughty list or the nice list?
2018-12-23 22:00:55
Santa says
Looks like the Nice list, well done Kaitlyn.
Kaitlyn asks
Hey r u and mrs clause
2018-12-23 21:53:04
Santa says
We are really good Kaitlyn, thank you so much for asking. You are a very kind and special person. Well done.
Gianna asks
i cant wait till you try my cookies
2018-12-23 21:37:33
Santa says
I can't wait to Gianna.
Anthony asks
i cant wait till you come to my house
2018-12-23 21:37:11
Santa says
Good good, thank you Anthony. I hope I can park on the roof. Ho Ho Ho.
Vincent asks
this is my first christmas
2018-12-23 21:36:51
Santa says
Happy first birthday Vincent.
Gianna Anthony and Vincent asks
Hey Santa...we cant wait to see you
2018-12-23 21:34:36
Santa says
Thank you both. It's been a fantastic year this year.
kora asks
Hey Santa... have i been naughty or nice?
2018-12-23 21:23:35
Santa says
A bit of both, but nothing to sop you having a wonderful Christmas Kora.
Diego asks
Hey Santa... i want legos
2018-12-23 20:42:26
Santa says
You WOULD LIKE Legos? I'll see what we can do Diego.
Lily Cook asks
Hey i on the nice list?
2018-12-23 19:46:10
Santa says
It looks like you are Lily, well done.
Tracy asks
Hey are you?
2018-12-23 19:37:29
Santa says
I'm good thank you Tracy.
Sara asks
hi santa my name is sara and who is your favorite reindeer mine is Donner
2018-12-23 19:12:38
Santa says
Donner is wonderful. I think Bob is my favourite. He's only 2 and a new one in training.
Lochlan Costello asks
Dear Santa Claus, may I please have Starlink Battle for Atlas Digital videogame for Christmas. Love, Lochlan and Declan
2018-12-23 18:49:56
Santa says
Thank you for being so polite Lochlan. Adorable. I'm sure we can sort some of that. Stay good.
hi asks
ho ho ho merry cristmas
2018-12-23 18:30:22
Santa says
And to you too Kohlee
kayleigh asks
Hey Santa...this id kayleigh i jusg wanted to let you know taht k have been really hoid this year and i was going to tell you what i want fkr christmas this year..... ok so number 1 i would like a computer, number 2 i would like another dog thank you san
2018-12-23 18:22:13
Santa says
Another dog, Kayleigh. How can you walk more than one dog? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
archie asks
Hey Santa... i have been very good this year please can i have a tou kitchen xxx
2018-12-23 18:19:03
Santa says
Hi Archie. That sounds fun! Could you make me a big breakfast with it? Mmmm ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Charlotte asks
Hey Santa... my mom says i dont listen so im not getting any presents
2018-12-23 18:05:56
Santa says
Hi Charlotte. Try a little harder to listen properly and remember, I’m in control of the presents, not your Mom....Ho, Ho, Ho. Ask her to tune in to Santa Radio and she’ll soon soften ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Chloe asks
Hi Santa ... Merry Christmas
2018-12-23 18:02:15
Santa says
Hi Chloe. Merry Christmas to you too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kira asks
Hey Santa...this is Kira. Adysen and Wessons mom.
2018-12-23 17:45:18
Santa says
Hi Kira. I’ve noticed Adysen
Jack asks
Hey Santa... Have I been good this year?
2018-12-23 17:39:04
Santa says
Hi Jack. You certainly have! Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
lexis asks
Hey Santa...this year for chrismas is a Computer
2018-12-23 17:15:50
Santa says
Hi Lexis. Great choice. Merry Christmas to you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Stephanie asks
Hey Santa...I have three boys that would like a “be good” reminder today!
2018-12-23 17:04:05
Santa says
Hi Stephanie. Just thought I’d send a reminder to your 3 delightful boys that I’ll be there in 2 days. I know how excited they are. I’ll keep an extra eye on them for you. Merry Christmas to all of you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Teagan asks
Dear Santa no i have not forgottten what it is because i basically use it every day i just wanna see if you remember ;) -Teagan
2018-12-23 15:05:03
Santa says
Ho Ho Ho. Yes I remember, thank you Teagan.
Keagan owen asks
Hey Santa...i really want 3 things and they are a big mouse pad and a new controller and a usb
2018-12-23 14:21:50
Santa says
Thats quite an easy list Keagan, thank you very much. You have a lovely day. Tell your friends about Santa Radio.
Katie asks
Hey Santa... has ross been a naughty boy
2018-12-23 14:13:56
Santa says
Mmmm, a Very Naughty boy Piper. Oh hang on. No, wrong Ross. Your Ross has been just good enough to stay on the NICE list.
piper asks
merry christmas my name is Piper. for christmas i wish for everyone to be happy and poor people get food and toys too our family sponsored a family this year. if your going to bring me something i would like an iphone or an american doll bathroom
2018-12-23 13:12:43
Santa says
Thats a wonderful thing to do Piper. Well done. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas
Bo asks
hello my name is Bo may i please have an ğŸŽ„ doll house. also i would like a giant lol and one more thing a scruff a luv. thank you merry christmas
2018-12-23 13:09:57
Santa says
Ooo, some very good suggestions Bo.. Thank you. I'll pass this to the workshop.
Katie asks
Hey name is katie for christmas may i have a squishie and please may i have a scruff a luv and an eye spy lol doll. one more thing may i please have an osmo codinv game. thank you merry christmas i hope you have the wonderfullest day
2018-12-23 13:08:09
Santa says
Goodness, thats a lovely list thank you Katie. Well done for being so good this year too. I hope you have the most wonderfullest day too.
Kevin KJ Smith asks
Hey Santa... I would like remote control car,Nintendo Switch,books,nerf gun, computer. Thank you. Please drive your sleigh safely on Christmas!
2018-12-23 13:06:03
Santa says
I'll try Kevin. Many years of practice I should be ok.
Matilda asks
Hey Santa... please see attached our santa list
2018-12-23 09:47:18
Santa says
Thank you Matilda. Thats quite a list there. Merry Christmas.
Nina Mobus asks
Hey santa, I have had a really hard year, is there and chance. that you wouldgo easey on me
2018-12-23 06:02:19
Santa says
So sorry to hear that Nina. Lets hope 2019 is a better year for you.
Nina asks
Hey i going to get presents this year
2018-12-23 05:59:33
Santa says
It looks like you name is on the good list, so I don't see why not Nina.
de Andre asks
i want a ps4 for xmas please
2018-12-23 05:46:32
Santa says
Thank you for letting me know de Andre. A good choice for sure.
Storm Pietropaolo asks
Hey Santa its me Storm again I dont want stabilisers and it has to be a 110cc honda 2wheeler dirtbike
2018-12-23 05:26:05
Santa says
Ooo, thats quite a change Storm. Ok. We'll see.
Reef Pietropaolo asks
Ha Ha Ha hope you have a great christmas Love Reef Thanks
2018-12-23 05:08:37
Santa says
Thank you Reef. Very kind, you have a good one too.
Sophia asks
Hey Santa... im i on the nice list this year
2018-12-23 04:45:25
Santa says
I do believe I saw your name on the list earlier today Sophia. Well done. Yes.
Olivia asks
Hey Santa... hello
2018-12-23 04:22:47
Santa says
Hello Olivia... hello
Juliana asks
Hi Santa I’m good today
2018-12-23 04:21:50
Santa says
Thats good to hear Juliana. Well done. See if you can do it everyday. Ho ho ho.
Corbin asks
Hey Santa...can i olease change my mind? i would like a terrasect or a skateboard
2018-12-23 02:37:08
Santa says
Ooo, you just caught me in time. We can change that yes thank you Corbin.
Pat D asks
Hey Santa...i would like a pair of spyder gloves thank you
2018-12-23 02:07:16
Santa says
Thats a good list Pat, thank you. i'll be sure to see if we can do that.
Adaleigh Belle asks
Dear Santa, I am 4 years old. I have been a goid girl this year, and my little brother Elijah has been good too. He is 2. I would like a new bicycle, a helmet, a scooter, and a Barbie house. Elijah would like a toy vacuum cleaner and some headphones. We
2018-12-23 01:59:19
Santa says
Hi Adaleigh
Gabby asks
Hey Santa my name is gabby pfeifer and i jave to ask am i on the nice list??? ive been good all year and im your biggest fan love you santa bye
2018-12-23 01:53:28
Santa says
Hi Gabby. You certainly are on my nice list. You’ve worked really hard this year, well done! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
dude asks
if you r so fat how do you fit in the chimney
2018-12-23 01:40:45
Santa says
You will surprised how big chimneys are inside Dude. Thank you for asking. Now you mentioned I'm fat, I might
dude asks
Hey Santa... i wanted to ask if im on the nice list and are u real???
2018-12-23 01:40:17
Santa says
You are and I am yes Rulan.
Kaitlyn asks
santa it is almost christms
2018-12-23 01:22:54
Santa says
I know, it's very exciting eh Kaitlyn.
Maddie asks
Hey Santa... I want a puppy for christmas!
2018-12-23 01:06:06
Santa says
I can't bring live animals but will speak to your parent Maddie.
Samantha asks
hello santa i wont a green screen for christmass is that ok
2018-12-23 00:41:28
Santa says
You would like them would you? Thank you Samantha. We'll see what we can do.
Samantha asks
hey santa how are you
2018-12-23 00:39:07
Santa says
I'm very well Samantha. I hope you are too.
Isaiah asks
Hey Santa... Hey Santa...i want a skate board and an RC Car that has one wheel in the back and two in the front. Remy wants paw patrol.
2018-12-23 00:34:37
Santa says
Lovely, what a great list thank you Isaiah.
Olivia asks
Hey Santa...should kam eat her food?
2018-12-23 00:03:12
Santa says
I think she should yes Olivia. Merry Christmas to you.
Katie asks
Hey Santa... its Katie Hickey im so excited for xmas ive been really good this year
2018-12-22 23:27:19
Santa says
Hi Katie. You’ve been very good this year, well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aidan, asks
hello santa! im not sure what to ask for this christmas so please surprize me, i’ll be happy with whatever! please tell comet to take the longest carrot! (he’s my favorite) sinserly, Aidan Dowell age 10 (p.s. Try to be as loud as possible so i can say
2018-12-22 22:55:21
Santa says
Hi Aidan. I have lots of surprises for you. I will make sure Comet gets the longest carrot. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kimber asks
Hi Santa, what kind of cookies do you like most?
2018-12-22 22:23:33
Santa says
Hi Kimber. I love chocolate chip cookies the most. Mmmmm ğŸªğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kimber asks
Hey Santa...I’m staying at a different house on christmas. can you still find me?
2018-12-22 22:20:22
Santa says
Hi Kimber. Don’t you worry your little head. I know exactly where you’ll be. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
McGloin Boys asks
Hi Santa, how are you?
2018-12-22 22:20:18
Santa says
Hi boys. I’m very well thank you. I hope you boys are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Caidyn asks
Hey Santa...hows it going.Please send me my old elf with a mini reindeer that it rides.What is his name?Please can you ask him to bring me a little present every day.You Are The BEST!!!! Love Caidyn
2018-12-22 22:14:39
Santa says
Hi Caidyn. Presents every day? Is Christmas Day not enough for you? Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Paul asks
Hey sister is naughty. please give her coal for christmas
2018-12-22 21:40:15
Santa says
Hi Paul. Sorry to hear that. Can you imagine what would happen if I gave her coal for Christmas?? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Paul Smith asks
Hey Santa... can i get sharpies some pokemon cards senated pens bubblegum maciane roblox figers playdough crocodile denstist
2018-12-22 21:40:02
Santa says
Hi Paul. What an exciting list you have there. I have let my elves know for you. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mia asks
Hey Santa... i was woundering if i was on the naughty list
2018-12-22 21:23:31
Santa says
Hi Mia. Why would you think that? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Matt asks
Hey Santa...ashton continues to make bad decisions and diesnt donwhat his parents say
2018-12-22 20:34:52
Santa says
Hi Matt. Sorry to hear that. Maybe he’s just so excited for Christmas. Please tell him I’ll be keeping an extra eye on him now ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Liberty asks
Hey Santa.. its Liberty and its only two days till christamas eve i am so excited . Am i on the nice list ? ğŸŽ„ğŸŽâ¤ï¸ğŸ’–ğŸ’š
2018-12-22 20:08:11
Santa says
Hi Liberty. I know, it’s so exciting! Yes, you’re on the nice list. Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Robbie Ripkey asks
Hey Santa...this is robbie from Lights of the South
2018-12-22 19:55:06
Santa says
Hi Robbie. I’m santa from lights of the North...Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
matthew asks
you arethe best santa
2018-12-22 19:52:56
Santa says
Hi Matthew. Thank you. I think you are too! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
matthew asks
hi santa because i was a good boy can i have two vip golgen state warrirs vs san antonio spurs and a iphone 8 please
2018-12-22 19:52:16
Santa says
Hi Matthew. I will speak to my elves for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Elayna asks
Hey Santa... i have been a good girl
2018-12-22 19:45:20
Santa says
Hi Elayna. You have been a very good girl this year. Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
erica asks
hello santa i like sleep,toes and giraffes
2018-12-22 19:30:13
Santa says
Hi Erica. I’m not sure what sleep is anymore but I’m hoping ‘toes’ is a typo...
Heidi asks
Hey Santa...i really want a barbie house and barbie dolls for christmas, thank you .
2018-12-22 18:44:09
Santa says
Hi Heidi. This sounds like so much fun. I will let the elves know for you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Michelle asks
Hey Santa... I just wanted yo inform you that abigail has not been listening.
2018-12-22 18:38:04
Santa says
Hi Michelle. Please tell Abigail I’ll be keeping an extra eye on her now ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Luke asks
Hey Santa... can I please have the pass the pigs game?
2018-12-22 18:37:52
Santa says
Hi Luke. I caught the elves playing with one of these games last week. They had so much fun! I will let them know that’s what you’d like. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Nicholas asks
Hello Santa... I hope you have a nice evening and you nice and warm!
2018-12-22 18:17:57
Santa says
Hi Nicholas. Thank you very much. I have a new dressing gown this year and it’s lovely and warm! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tia asks
Hey Santa. merry christmas and a happy new year. its christmas in 3 days. Are you happy for christmas, I am and my mummy is to. What is your favourite christmas movie. mine is nativity 1 2 and is the great time of the year love from Tia
2018-12-22 18:01:05
Santa says
Hi Tia. What a lovely message. My favourite Christmas movie is Miracle on 34th street. I loved being in that movie. I’m very excited for Christmas this year and glad you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Rohri asks
Hey Santa...rihlee wants a phone a doll Rohri wants a i phone10 a art set too paint
2018-12-22 17:49:54
Santa says
Hi Rohri. An iPhone 10? At such a young age? Wow. How about a vetch phone? Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Raegan asks
Hey name is raegan this year i have been very good and would like an nintendo switch xx
2018-12-22 17:42:47
Santa says
Hi Raegan. You’re right, you have been very good this year. Well done! I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ricci asks
Hey Santa... My Christmas list Tripod Puppy Watch you can call people on Christmas pjs Long sleeve dance Leo’s iPhone 8
2018-12-22 17:27:18
Santa says
Hi Ricci. I’ll see what I can do. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
HBD asks
100 dollars (1 billion if pissible) and Nintendo Labo
2018-12-22 16:39:33
Santa says
Hi HBD. I don’t carry cash with me. I’ll make sure I pop some manners in your sack though. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
ruby asks
Hey Santa... How are you ??
2018-12-22 16:22:10
Santa says
Hey Ruby. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too. I’ve seen how excited you are ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
WJD asks
El Gato, a mic, and a Nintendo pro controller
2018-12-22 16:18:58
Santa says
Hi WJD. I seem to be missing the please and thank you in your message ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
ruby asks
Hey Santa... how are you doing up at the north pole i can help if there is any delays!
2018-12-22 16:09:45
Santa says
Hi Ruby. How sweet of you. We have everything in hand and are very organised this year but thank you for your kind offer ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Wendy asks
Hey Santa...joel is not xleaning iis room
2018-12-22 15:55:21
Santa says
Hi Wendy. Please tell Joel I don’t visit untidy houses so he’ll have to clean up for you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jaxson asks
Hey Santa...I’ve been trying to be a good boy and do good in school! I hope you enjoy your cookies on Christmas Eve!!
2018-12-22 15:26:20
Santa says
Hi Jaxson. I can see you’ve tried really hard, well done. I’m really looking forward to your cookies! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Teagan asks
Dear santa what did you get me for the Kruses christmas party?
2018-12-22 15:08:09
Santa says
Hi Teagan. Have you forgotten already?? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Myles asks
Hi Santa.. My Christmas Request are both the Miles Morales Spiderman Lego Set and Ninjago and Roblox figures. Thanks and travel safely.
2018-12-22 14:29:21
Santa says
Hi Myles. How sweet of you, thank you. I have let my elves know about the fun gifts you’ve asked for. Ninjago is my favourite! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Robby W asks
I would like Stikbot Zanimation Studio,lego roller coaster, lego pizza truck and Starlink for Nintendo Switch. Thanks and have safe travels.
2018-12-22 14:23:25
Santa says
Hi Robby. I have let my elves know. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Wyatt asks
Hey Santa...i think that i was good this year! i would like an xbox with a mic and a controller. i would also like writting books. i also want gift cards. i hope you are doing well! love Wyatt xoxo
2018-12-22 14:16:15
Santa says
Hi Wyatt. Sounds like a cool list! I’m very well thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Eithne asks
Hey Santa, are you there??
2018-12-22 14:12:21
Santa says
Hi Eithne. I sure am here. Merry Christmas to you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
RE asks
Hey Santa... I want everyone to be happy this Christimas.
2018-12-22 13:47:45
Santa says
Hi RE. What a lovely gift to ask for. You are on my super nice list, well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Neve asks
Hey Santa...happy xmas❄️☃️⛄️
2018-12-22 13:38:42
Santa says
Hey Neve. Merry Christmas to you too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Maz asks
Hey Santa... evelyn and edward put their shoes on so make sure they get extra presents!
2018-12-22 12:49:21
Santa says
Hey Maz. That sounds like a cool deal! I might try this one at home ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Emily Phillips asks
Hey Santa for cristmas I would like the ipad pro with pen please xx
2018-12-22 12:15:47
Santa says
Hi Emily. I will speak to the elves for you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Calum asks
Hi Santa, i have a few things to ask you. Firstly, i really want to be tik tok famous and have an Xbox .one to play with my friends: Christopher and Zac. Secondly, I really want my elf to stay so please make that happen. Thank You, Santa. Hope you have a
2018-12-22 11:53:21
Santa says
Hi Calum. I will see what I can do. As for your elf, I need him back here to help with next years presents ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aj asks
Hey Santa...I forgot to put Super Smash Brothers On My list
2018-12-22 11:43:46
Santa says
Hi Aj. I can’t do that to your brothers, that’s not very kind...Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Daisy asks
Hi Santa im so exited for christmas
2018-12-22 11:28:15
Santa says
I know, me too Daisy.
ruby asks
Hey Santa... am i on the naughty or nice list?
2018-12-22 09:19:29
Santa says
It looks like you are on the NCIE list Ruby. Well done for a really great year.
jonathan asks
Hey Santa... my name is jonathan can i have lego batman?
2018-12-22 09:17:22
Santa says
I think the word please fell off your message Jonathan. Ho ho ho. I'll see what I can do. Merry Christmas.
Charlie asks
I WHAT presenes lick roblox figures
2018-12-22 08:18:53
Santa says
Ooo, yes a good choice Charlie, thank you for letting me know.
grace asks
Hey Santa it is tow more days
2018-12-22 08:10:40
Santa says
Yes it is. Stay good Grace.
Olivia asks
Hey Santa how are you going?
2018-12-22 06:14:59
Santa says
I'm going good Olivia. Merry Christmas.
Brighton asks
Hey Santa... I have been good this year can I have a hatchamal for Christmas and some wrestling figures and here’s one more thing can i have lost kittens
2018-12-22 03:04:30
Santa says
Hi Brighton. Lost kittens? Would you like me to find all the stray cats near your house and bring them to you?? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ethan asks
Hey Santa... Goodnight. I love you. From Ethan
2018-12-22 02:51:38
Santa says
Hey Ethan. Good night, matey. Thank you for a lovely message. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Raven asks
Hey Santa...I would like a ps4 , some new barbie dolls, and my little pony stuff
2018-12-22 02:49:37
Santa says
Hi Raven. I will try my best. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brighton asks
Hey Santa...are my Elf on the Shelf dolls with you? they disappeared today.
2018-12-22 02:45:46
Santa says
Hi Brighton. I’ve not seen them. Did you misbehave? Sometimes they can leave for a day if you haven’t been very good ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Trinity asks
Hey Santa...can yoi come to Trinity’s house on Sunday instead because we are leaving to grandma’s
2018-12-22 02:37:01
Santa says
Hi Trinity. I will try my best. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lorraine asks
Hey Santa! You are on the NAUGHTY LIST!! yikes...
2018-12-22 02:05:21
Santa says
Hi Lorraine. Yikes indeed! If I’m on the naughty list, there’ll be no presents ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
paige asks
Hey Santa i hope your raindeer come to my home on the 24th
2018-12-22 01:00:19
Santa says
Hi Paige. They certainly will. How else would I get your gifts to you? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jaret asks
Hey Santa... hi was i a good boy
2018-12-21 23:26:41
Santa says
Hi Jaret. You certainly was. Keep up the hard work ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sadie asks
hey santa!! are you there???
2018-12-21 22:30:11
Santa says
Hi Sadie. I sure am! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Anthony asks
Hey Santa...I forgot to add a power supply for my xbox one s
2018-12-21 21:54:52
Santa says
Hi Anthony. So does that mean it won’t work without it? Maybe that’s a good thing and you can interact with your family and not a computer. Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Leia asks
Hey Santa... bailey is not listening
2018-12-21 21:18:07
Santa says
Hi Leia. I’m sorry to hear this. Please remind Bailey I’m keeping an extra eye on him this year ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
hey Santa how are you? 5 days until Christmas! lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll asks
Hey Santa...llllllllllllll
2018-12-21 20:45:49
Santa says
Hey! I’m so happy you’re this excited. We have been working so hard this year! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Laurie asks
Hey Santa... how are uou im really excited for cheistmas
2018-12-21 20:27:30
Santa says
Hi Laurie. Me too! Only 2 more sleeps!! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jordan asks
Hey Santa... just wondering if you might come on christmas eve because my mommy works on christmas day.
2018-12-21 20:06:03
Santa says
Hi Jordan. I will try my very best for you. I’m sure your mommy doesn’t want to work Christmas Day but understand she works hard for you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Penelope and Isaac asks
Hey and my brother isaac have been sharing, we have been good do you like mince pies we look forward to seeing you. and rudolf.
2018-12-21 19:39:42
Santa says
Hi Penelope
Lily asks
Hey Santa... Hi Santa i just wanted to know if i,m on the nice ro naghty list.
2018-12-21 19:36:51
Santa says
Hi Lily. Let me check with head elf...yes! You’re on the nice list! Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alec asks
hi santa, i have been hood this year
2018-12-21 19:34:01
Santa says
Hi Alec. I can see you’ve been trying hard this year. I can tell you, how you’re on the...nice list! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
I am ice I farted today and I on the nice list asks
Hey Santa... am i in the nice list and i farted
2018-12-21 18:13:42
Santa says
Hi Ice. We could smell it from here! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Abbie asks
Hey Santa. i been sorta naughty this year so mom spanked me hard tell her to stop i love you santa
2018-12-21 17:22:56
Santa says
Hi Abbie. I’m sorry to hear this. Only you can ask your Mom to stop. Ask her if you can sit down and talk properly about it. I hope it doesn’t happen again ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Wyatt and Everett asks
Hey Santa...wyatt would like super smash ultimate and a robot. everett would like a big monster truck he can drive.
2018-12-21 15:18:37
Santa says
Hi Wyatt and Everett. Wow, these sound like such fun gifts! I hope you both have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
michelle asks
Hey Santa... Nobody belives in you
2018-12-21 14:51:32
Santa says
Hi Michelle. I’m sorry you feel that way. Maybe one day, when you become happy with yourself, you’ll see the true magic of me. In the meantime, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Storm Pietropaolo asks
Hey Santa its me Storm again just adding another detail my motor bike has to be a two wheeler
2018-12-21 10:47:48
Santa says
Hi Storm. 2 wheels with stabilisers? No problem ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Reef Pietropaolo asks
Hi Santa It’s me Reef i Just wanted to make sure my ipad isn’t fake Merry christmas Love Reef
2018-12-21 10:45:04
Santa says
Hi Reef. Fake? I don’t give out fake presents! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Freya asks
Hey are you?
2018-12-21 10:43:34
Santa says
Hey Freya. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Storm Pietropaolo asks
Hey Santa its me Storm again you are right I do not want a toy motorbike
2018-12-21 10:09:52
Santa says
Hi Storm. Ah, you want a real one? I’ll limit the speed to 2kmph so it’s safe. I’ll also chuck in some bubble wrap clothing too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
ella asks
i want a boyfriend thanks ~Ella
2018-12-21 09:00:46
Santa says
Hi Ella. You don’t need a boyfriend. Girls just need their friends when they’re young. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Laura asks
Hey Santa...Danny has been naughty
2018-12-21 08:37:14
Santa says
Hi Laura. Maybe Danny is just over excited about the big day. Remind him I’m always watching ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Grace Ward asks
Hey Santa... this is Grace and i am writting to you to ask for a zoomer unicorn for Christmas please. Many thanks from Grace Ward, low head caravan park, Tasmania. ps I am a reindeer lover. pss, Harrison and Chelsea will be with me at the same caravan
2018-12-21 06:05:09
Santa says
Hi Grace. What a lovely gift you’ve asked for. I hope you all have lots of fun together ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Nyla,Rj,Leilani asks
Hey Santa... nyla wants many presents for presents for xmas and a toy elf. rj really wants a headset for xmas.leilani wants spy glasses. And nylas brother TJ wants a toy
2018-12-21 03:01:22
Santa says
Hi Nyla, RJ
Abby asks
Hi Santa, All i want for Christmas is a diamond ring and my boyfriend yo propose ;)
2018-12-20 23:55:29
Santa says
Hi Abby. Aren’t you a little young to get married? It’s better to wait until you’re at least 37! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jessica asks
Hey Santa... Please can I have something money can’t buy? Please could you send me some magic so my Twin Flame Adam contacts me? It would be amazing to see him. Please connect us with Cupid’s bow again. Thank you! Xxx
2018-12-20 23:53:15
Santa says
Hi Jessica. It’s better to leave it to nature when it comes to love. If it’s meant to be, it’ll be. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
tremique asks
please get my mom named Amber nursing textbooks please for Christmas
2018-12-20 23:48:09
Santa says
Hi Tremique. I see your Mom has been working very hard this year. You must be so proud of her. We hope you have a magical Christmas together ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Isla asks
Hey Santa... can you bring me some presents presents
2018-12-20 23:10:26
Santa says
Hi Isla. Are presents presents different to just presents? Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Greyson asks
Hey Santa...i actually decided i would like a stinkpot musk turtle for christmas. thanks!
2018-12-20 23:07:14
Santa says
Hey Greyson. Why would you want something that stinks?? Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lily Cohn asks
Hey Santa I have a lot of questions like why do you go to russia on New Years?
2018-12-20 22:59:44
Santa says
Hi Lily. Russia celebrates Christmas on the 7th January so I save all the children’s gifts for that date. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Abel asks
Hey Santa... What are you doing santa?
2018-12-20 22:33:40
Santa says
Hi Abel. I’m just baking Tiffin with Mrs Claus for the elves. They’ve worked so hard this year ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
faith asks
Hey Santa... how are u
2018-12-20 21:57:43
Santa says
Hey, Faith. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Seth asks
Hey Santa... Can I have a police bike for Christmas
2018-12-20 19:59:19
Santa says
Hey Seth. Only if you’ve joined the police...Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sharon asks
Hey Santa... hello! merry christmas
2018-12-20 19:49:15
Santa says
Hey Sharron! Merry Christmas to you too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
willis asks
Hey elf has been good and it hid in the refrigerator. write back , please. from willis
2018-12-20 16:38:25
Santa says
Hi Willis. That’s so funny! Did he eat everything in the fridge?? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Millie asks
Hey Santa.. my dog has chewed my elf!
2018-12-20 15:43:27
Santa says
Oh dear. Look out the other end in a day or 2. Ho Ho Ho.
Emma asks
Hey Santa... Have I got anything nice for Christmas?
2018-12-20 14:26:33
Santa says
Hi Emma. You certainly have. I know you will be so happy with what the elves have made you! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cole asks
Hey Santa... this christmas i would like new shoes, lego, a drift cart. id really live an an iphone x but my mon says i havent been too good this year fingers crossed you see i have tried my best to behave. i will be going to my dads too on christmas day
2018-12-20 14:25:56
Santa says
Hi Cole. I can see that you have tried, well done. You sound like you’re going to have such a fun packed day at both houses, how cool! I hope you have a magical time ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
MJ asks
Hey Santa... it appears a substitute elf has arrived at our house - Elfina has still not arrived, Mom says she must be on a really big assignment. So, we just need to know who this elf is...?!
2018-12-20 13:40:04
Santa says
Hey MJ. Your mom is right. There was a huge assignment some of my elves had to attend to. The one you have now is called Elfis. He loves to sing and dance! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Dylan and Amelie asks
Hey Santa...our Elf Ahmed has gone missing. is it because of the bad storm?
2018-12-20 13:00:25
Santa says
Hey Dylan
Abel asks
Hey Santa... Hi santa its me abel!
2018-12-20 12:46:01
Santa says
Hey Abel, it’s me, Santa! Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Nicole asks
Hey Santa... is it ok to fix (touch) the Elf on the Shelf since he fell over and I am an adult?
2018-12-20 12:15:38
Santa says
I'd suggest to not touch it Nicole.
John asks
merry christams santa
2018-12-20 09:29:04
Santa says
Merry Christmas John
Anna asks
Hey Santa... My friend Abbie is on the naughty list, she stole my sweets I’m really sad now , tell her she’s not getting any presents for Christmas because she’s bad and bad girls don’t get presents xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
2018-12-20 09:27:32
Santa says
Hi Anna. I’m sorry to hear this. I’m sure your friend, Abbie is really sorry and she won’t do it again. We’re only a few days from Christmas so it would be great if you girls could make up and be friends again ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brad asks
Hey Santa... Are you still watching Easton. Is he going to make it on the nice list.
2018-12-20 04:17:31
Santa says
Hey Brad. I sure am. I’ve beeb keeping a close eye on him. I think he should make it to the nice list. What do you think? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cass asks
Hey Santa... how are u doing lets chat some more
2018-12-20 03:01:09
Santa says
Hey Cass. I’m doing very well, thank you. I hope you are too. What would you like to chat about? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Noah asks
Hi santa are you real? if you are please give me a xbox 😀
2018-12-20 02:11:44
Santa says
Hi Noah. Of course I’m real. You really shouldn’t use blackmail to get what you want though. I hope whatever you get, the magic still remains in your heart ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alexandrea Cox asks
Hey Santa... I dont need it but I would like an IPhone X for Christmas if you can give it to me. But its still up to you and you get me whatever you want, even nothing because I am extremely greatful for what I have already. THANK YOU!!!!!
2018-12-20 01:46:58
Santa says
Hi Alexandrea. I’m so happy to hear you are already grateful for what you have. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brody asks
hi Siana how are you doing hope you have a merry Christmas. I hope you’ll bring me the toys that I have wanted for Christmas.
2018-12-20 01:11:54
Santa says
Hi Brody. I have specially selected some toys I know you will love. I hope you and Garrett have a lovely Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Garrett asks
Hey are you?
2018-12-20 01:10:11
Santa says
Hi Garrett. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mindy Walters asks
Hey Santa... i want a iphone for chriatmas
2018-12-20 01:00:22
Santa says
Hey Mindy. I think you also need some manners for Christmas. Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Teagan asks
Dear Santa... Can we be penpals im so excited for christmas and do you remember what you got me for the party? thanks so much for it im using it right now ;) Love you! love Teagan Bishop
2018-12-20 00:59:22
Santa says
Hi Teagan. I’m so pleased you liked it and are using it now. Hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Joshua asks
Hey BUDDY! How has it been going with you during the busiest time of year? Well with me, The elf on the shelfs are really fun trying to fing them in the morning and where they are when we wake up. I was wondering maybe next yeak you can send down more COL
2018-12-20 00:11:50
Santa says
Hi Joshua. I’m so pleased you’ve had a fun time with the elves. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Greyson asks
Hey name is greyson and i love animals. can you give me a baby Chamaeleon for christmas. thanks. love you!
2018-12-19 23:43:00
Santa says
Hey Greyson. A baby chameleon - maybe you already have one but it’s camouflaged amongst your things??? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mackenzie asks
Hey Santa...this is mackenzie . this year i have been good. i know today i got in a fight with freinds but it was for a good reason. also i have a question? is ruldoph really real or is it only the other reindeer?? please respond
2018-12-19 22:55:56
Santa says
Hi Mackenzie. As king as you know how important it is to make friends at the end of a disagreement. Of course Rudolph is real. The magic is all from him ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kaylee asks
Hey Santa...I will like a iPhone X
2018-12-19 21:43:44
Santa says
Hi Kaylee. iPhones have been very popular this year. I will have a word with the elves for you and hope it’s not too late. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
grace asks
Hey Santa...its grace how are you
2018-12-19 20:44:01
Santa says
Hey Grace. How funny you just text me. Mrs Claus was just saying how good you’ve been today. Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Anna asks
Hey Santa... I love you. I want this Barbie Dreamhouse for this Christmas. I love Mrs. Claus, too. love, Anna
2018-12-19 20:40:36
Santa says
Hi Anna. How’s your sister, Elsa? Ho, Ho, Ho! That’s very sweet of you, Mrs Claus says you’re pretty cool! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼ğŸ¤¶ğŸ»
Marhaf asks
Hey Santa...I love Santa so much 😀
2018-12-19 14:46:42
Santa says
Hi Marhaf. That’s so sweet, thank you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Juliana asks
Hey Santa...I love you
2018-12-19 14:40:17
Santa says
Hi Juliana. That’s very sweet of you, thank you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
emily asks
Hey Santa... for christmas i really want a hamster but my parents said no, can you convince them please xx
2018-12-19 13:39:20
Santa says
Hi Emily’s parents. Come on, a hamster will be so much fun for you all. No mess, no walking 3 a day etc. Is that any good, Emily? I hope it works! Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Taneisha asks
Hey Santa...are you busy
2018-12-19 10:22:37
Santa says
Hi Taneisha. Of course I am busy. There’s 5 days until Christmas and we are still wrapping gifts for children all around the world ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
mommy asks
Hey Santa...whats your favorite food?
2018-12-19 06:41:25
Santa says
Hi Mommy. My favourite food is mince pies! Mmmmmm! Mrs Claus says I’ll end up looking like one, one day! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
yomailette asks
Hey Santa... how are you i have been a good girl this year
2018-12-19 05:10:30
Santa says
Hi Yomailette. You’re right, I have noticed you have been very good this year, well done. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ava asks
Hey Santa! For Xmas, i would lile peac on earth! i also want a hedge hog please and an apple watch
2018-12-19 03:31:37
Santa says
Hi Ava. A real hedgehog? How would you cuddle it?! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Penny Premo asks
Hi SANTA! i love you! your elves arw great!
2018-12-19 03:18:07
Santa says
Hi Penny. What a lovely name you have. The elves think you are pretty cool too! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
scott. Campbell asks
Hey Santa... can. You. Get me. A Xbox one
2018-12-19 01:45:25
Santa says
Hi Scott. I will have a word with my elves for you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mackenzie asks
Hey Santa...ive been good this year and for christmas i would like slime because if my elf bonnochio told you it was at the top of my list.
2018-12-19 00:56:12
Santa says
Hi Mackenzie. Your elf did tell me, what a fun gift! Slime has been very popular this year! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Thomas asks
Hey Santa... the only thing i reallllyyy want is the coolster mini jeep.(please)😥 love,Thomas
2018-12-19 00:43:01
Santa says
Wow, Thomas. That’s some gift! How about a matchbox dinky car instead?! Ho, Ho, Ho. I will speak to my elves for you.
Chase asks
Hey name is Chase J Richter. I am 8 years old.
2018-12-19 00:05:19
Santa says
Hey Chase! 8 years old already! You’re turning into a lovely young man. Keep up the good work. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Seren Shirlow asks
Hey i have to eat all my food to be on the nice list? also how many elves do you have?
2018-12-18 22:40:44
Santa says
Hi Seren. It’s important that you eat enough food for your body to be healthy. The last count was 85,851 elves. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
summer asks
Hey i getting a Cozmo robot for christmas?
2018-12-18 20:59:53
Santa says
Hi Summer. Cosmo has been one of the most popular toys this year and we seem to be behind on making them. Our elves are trying their best to make them for everyone on time ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Charlie asks
Hey Santa...what will you get me for christmas
2018-12-18 20:47:13
Santa says
Hi Charlie. Hmmmmm, I’m not falling for that! Surprises are the best! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Carlie asks
Hey Santa...sorry i have been bad please forgive me
2018-12-18 20:31:34
Santa says
Hi Carlie. Well done for being honest. Honesty is very important and for this, I have put you back on to the nice list. Well done and keep trying hard to be nice and kind to others ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Susan asks
Hey Santa...has georgina and elizabeth been goid enough this year
2018-12-18 17:35:05
Santa says
Hi Susan. I have noticed they have tried hard to be good this year. It’s impossible to be good all of the time. Same applies to you... Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Luci asks
Hey Santa..., I want the American girl kitchen.
2018-12-18 14:03:27
Santa says
Hi Luci. Wow, that sounds so exciting! I caught the elves playing with one of these last week. They had so much fun! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Evan asks
Hey Santa...just letting you know we will be at Nanas on christmas morning
2018-12-18 13:06:58
Santa says
Hi Evan. How exciting! I bet your Nana is so excited to see you open the presents I leave for you there. Merry Christmas to you all ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ava Wilcox asks
Hey Santa...hii i want a baby doll for christmas plzzz girl hair plzzz
2018-12-18 03:21:54
Santa says
Hi Ava. Thank you for your text. Baby dolls ha e been very popular again this year ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Blake asks
Hey Santa...i want a trumpet and a german shepard for christmas
2018-12-18 03:07:59
Santa says
Hi Blake. A trumpet? Wow, I bet your neighbours can’t wait to hear you practice. We’ve run out of German shepherds. How about a French shepherd? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ollie asks
Hey Santa...This is Ollie Boorman. Just letting you know that I will be in Robe this Christmas. I would love Mouse Trap as a present this year. Thank you. xx
2018-12-18 02:33:38
Santa says
Hi Ollie. Sounds exciting! I hope you have lots of fun and a magical Christmas. I will have a word with my elves about your game ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brandon Tidwell asks
Hey Santa... Santa my son would like to know if his elf will be in Florida for Christmas at Disney World? I told him it would be but he needs to hear it from you.
2018-12-18 02:26:52
Santa says
Hi Brandon. Of course he’ll be there, there’s no way he’d miss out on that much fun at Disney World. He can’t wait! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Megan asks
hi how are you doing today santa ...
2018-12-18 02:15:54
Santa says
Hi Megan. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ginette asks
Hey Santa... this is sophia. we are eating a family dinner wondering how busy are you right now?
2018-12-18 02:15:23
Santa says
Hi Ginette. The dinner looked scrumptious! We are all very busy at the minute. Children are adding last minute toys to their lists so we are busy getting them ready. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Nicholas asks
Hi Santa! Can I please have a Jurassic World T-Rex? I try to be good 😊
2018-12-18 01:25:03
Santa says
Hi Nicholas. I can see you have been trying to be really good, well done. I will let the elves know what you’d like ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Hannah asks
I forgot to mail my letter. I would love an underwater camera!
2018-12-18 01:23:44
Santa says
Hi Hannah. Don’t worry, I will add the camera to your list with the elves. An underwater camera sounds like such a fun gift! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cara asks
Hey Santa...Hannah and Nick forgot to mail their letter to you! Hannah would like an underwater camera. Nicholad would like a Jurassic World T-Rex. I hope they have been good!!
2018-12-18 01:18:53
Santa says
Hi Cara. Thank you for letting me know. These sound like such cool presents! They have been very good this year ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Angela asks
Hey Santa...Nicholas has been such a naughty boy today. he should gry coal for christmas!
2018-12-18 00:27:51
Santa says
Hi Angela. Sorry to hear that. We both know that isn’t going to happen! Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Juliana c asks
i want a turtle a queen bed and lol dolls and books
2018-12-18 00:12:41
Santa says
Hi Juliana. A real turtle?! Lol dolls are very popular this year. A queen bed sounds like heaven! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Anna rose smith asks
Hey Santa...i want lol dolls
2018-12-18 00:10:45
Santa says
Hi Anna. You’d like dolls? How sweet. I hope you have a merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Abby asks
Hey Santa... Its Abby and all i want for christmas this year ia a laptop a nintendo switch and a 3D printer! merry christmas
2018-12-17 23:49:28
Santa says
Hi Abby. Not much then? Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Dezi asks
Hey Santa...hi im destiny i really like food so can you hook me up with some happy meals from mcdonalds
2018-12-17 21:56:33
Santa says
Hi Dezi. McDonald’s don’t sell proper food. It’s not very good for you. Maybe you could take up cooking at home and make new things. Food tastes so good when you’ve made it yourself ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sophia asks
Hey Santa...has sophia been good today
2018-12-17 20:48:05
Santa says
Hi Sophia. I’m pretty sure you have. Always remember to be kind to others. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
gage asks
Hey Santa... im gage i want many things for christmas.
2018-12-17 20:43:54
Santa says
Hi Gage. What’s on the top of your list? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Calum asks
Santa can i have a xbox !
2018-12-17 19:37:58
Santa says
Hi Calum. Can I have a ‘please’? Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brandon Tidwell asks
Are you a computer or real life? I am the father and want to see how good this is.
2018-12-17 19:29:10
Santa says
Hi Brandon. This is not a computer. I’m pleased your son and daughter like me. I hope you all have a merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
jack asks
Hey Santa...I have been a naughty boy at school. Can I still get presents?
2018-12-17 18:27:03
Santa says
Oh dear, Jack. I hope your behaviour improves from tomorrow. Please try hard to be nice and kind to others ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
mummy asks
Hey Santa... Is Jake on the naighty list as hes been naughty?
2018-12-17 18:01:36
Santa says
Hi Jake’s Mummy. Oh dear, I see things aren’t looking too good. He’s not on the naughty list but do tell him I’m keeping an eye on him ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ellie asks
Hey Santa... To Santa l am beeingoodğŸ¶ğŸ¦ŠğŸ¦ğŸµğŸ”ğŸ§ğŸ¦ğŸ¤ğŸ¦‡ğŸ£ğŸ’ğŸ™ŠğŸ™ˆğŸ™‰ğŸµğŸ¥ğŸ¸ğŸ·ğŸ®ğŸ¦ğŸ»ğŸ¼ğŸ¨ğŸ¯ğŸ°ğŸ¹ğŸ­ğŸ»ğŸ±ğŸºğŸ—ğŸ´ğŸ¦„ğŸğŸ›ğŸ¦‹ğŸŒğŸžğŸ¦‚ğŸ¦–ğŸ¦•ğŸ¦“ğŸ¦ğŸ˜ğŸ¦›ğŸ¦ğŸ†ğŸ…ğŸŠğŸ¦ˆğŸ‹ğŸ¦’ğŸ³ğŸ¬ğŸ
2018-12-17 17:57:10
Santa says
Hi Ellie. I’m glad you’ve worked out how to use the emoji keyboard ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼ğŸ¤¶ğŸ»ğŸŽ„
Carlie ott asks
Hey Santa...can you please give me a little ensporation tomortow school i dont like and my teacher is not my favrite and i allways roll my eyes when i am not sapose too any ways love you i will hear those rander on my roof in a week
2018-12-17 16:33:32
Santa says
Hey Carlie. In life, there are people we dislike. I find that if you smile and be as nice as possible, it gets you further. It’s hard at first but practice makes perfect. See you next week! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Chloe asks
Hey Santa...are you ok
2018-12-17 15:54:10
Santa says
Hey Chloe. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mackenzie asks
hello santa is it really you?
2018-12-17 09:01:28
Santa says
Hi Mackenzie. It certainly is really me. Is that really you?
Allegra and Orion asks
Hey Santa...will our elves stil move of we sleep in my moms bed?
2018-12-17 03:13:49
Santa says
Hi Allegra
zhanyah asks
Hey Santa... tnis year ive been nice and i will make sure to bring you cookkis
2018-12-17 02:07:14
Santa says
Hi Zhanyah. Mmmmm yummy, I can’t wait for those! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brooklyn asks
Hey so excited for you to stop by my house on christmas eve. I cant wait
2018-12-17 02:03:42
Santa says
Hi Brooklyn. Me too, Rudolph is really excited too. Please make sure you go to bed early Christmas Eve so I can land my sleigh ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lilly asks
Hey Santa... can you pit morgan mcneil on the naughty list she has been very mean to me
2018-12-17 01:50:20
Santa says
Hi Lilly. I’m sorry to hear this. When people are mean, it often means they’re upset. Offer to be her friend and hug it out ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Khloe asks
Hey Santa... My Elfie lost her magic because I accidentally touched her and today she did not move. can you give her back her magic?
2018-12-17 01:10:22
Santa says
Hi Khloe. Of course but please be careful you don’t ‘touché’ her again ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
brianna asks
Hey Santa... for christmas i want a face mask but i dont want the face sheet i want the black face mask
2018-12-16 22:02:54
Santa says
Hi Brianna. You don’t need a face mask. You’re beautiful. I will speak to my elves ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Trevor asks
Hey Santa... There’s a song I heard on your radio station I think it’s called California Christmas! I want to know who sings it because it’s so good! Merry Christmas Santa!
2018-12-16 20:10:45
Santa says
Hi Trevor. It’s by Madison Fayre. Here’s the link to listen again
Gracie Thomas asks
Hey Santa... I want a stuffed animal tiger
2018-12-16 19:31:27
Santa says
Hi Gracie. I sometimes get tigers and penguins mixed up - I hope I don’t leave you the wrong one! Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
kaylee asks
Hey Santa...i have been good and I will like a hoverborad and a iPhone X max and a Apple Watch
2018-12-16 19:11:20
Santa says
Wow, Kaylee, that’s some list. My elves will try their best but these are very popular this year. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Luke asks
hello Santa! how are you?? I am very excited for Christams this year! Are you?
2018-12-16 17:22:55
Santa says
I certainly am Luke, thank you for asking. I hope you have a lovely day. Be nice to everyone around you and keep smiling. ğŸŽ„
Ava asks
Hey Santa...One of the things I would like for christmas is a book for everybody in my class i have already sent my elf with a paper telling him what books i would like to get them but if you can get them if posible could you bring them a few days before
2018-12-16 16:03:21
Santa says
Hello Ava, what a lovely gift idea. Thank you for letting me know, I'll see what I can do. ğŸŽ„
caitlin asks
Hey Santa...i just left the dollar store with jude and harper, i am increasingly disappointed in their behavior.
2018-12-16 15:57:17
Santa says
Hello Caitlin. You are disappointed in the Dollar Store' behaviour? Oh dear. Are they charging more than a dollar??? Or do you mean Just and Harper? Ho ho ho. Tell them you've now spoken to me and lets see if that sharpens up their behaviour.
Brooklyn asks
Hey Santa... figgy got stuck can you help him down?
2018-12-16 15:14:24
Santa says
Oops, I'll speak to him later. Thank you Brooklyn.
Tony asks
I actually found beer flavored jellie beans. would you like me to leave you some on christmas?
2018-12-16 14:54:04
Santa says
Ooo, I'll take one back to the North Pole with me if ok? Thank you Tony.
Allie asks
Hey Santa... I have been good this year
2018-12-16 14:30:12
Santa says
I know Allie. Well done. I see your name at the top of the NICE list.
Jessica asks
Hey Santa...just to let you know Lily is not being a nice girl today. She isn’t sharing the box of cereal with her sister. She is throwing a fit because I gave her sister some cereal.
2018-12-16 14:07:00
Santa says
Throwing a fit Jessica? Oh dear. Put Santa Radio on and let her know you've spoken to me. Santa is always watching.
Morgan asks
Hey Santa...I’m so excited youre almost here. can i have a Sunny Day salon?
2018-12-16 13:46:25
Santa says
Hello Morgan, a great suggestion.
Gabriel asks
Hey Santa...Figgy your elf is stuck and wants you to help him.
2018-12-16 13:06:22
Santa says
Oh dear, I'll have a look at that thank you Gabriel.
Bella asks
Hey Santa... It is Bella lately our elves on the shelf have not been moving. Are they ok???
2018-12-16 12:46:39
Santa says
They are all ok. Maybe they are a little tired. How are your parents? Are they tired too? We all get a little tired. Mind you tell your parent you spoke to me and maybe they will help to gently wake them. ğŸŽ„
bella asks
Hey Santa... are you real? from, bella
2018-12-16 10:57:40
Santa says
I sure am Bella, thank you for checking though. If you pulled my beard, I'd also shout OUCH! Ho ho ho.
Jayden asks
Hey Santa please can i have a ps4
2018-12-16 09:45:13
Santa says
You are very polite Jayden. Well done. A very desirable quality to have. Merry Christmas to you. ğŸŽ„
Louie Halliwell asks
Hey do you deliver all the presents in 1 night?
2018-12-16 09:16:26
Santa says
Well Louie, it's quite a ling and technically explanation, 1 that will take too long to write here, so i'll just say I studied Physics and a big fan of Albert Einstein. But most of all, it's with a bit of Christmas Magic. ğŸŽ„
MAE asks
Hey Santa...why do they call you santa:)
2018-12-16 08:53:16
Santa says
Because it would be silly to call me Spiderman Mae. Ho ho ho.
Caleb asks
Hey Santa...I wanted to let you know that I would like the Vector robot.
2018-12-16 04:17:45
Santa says
Ah yes, such a great toy Caleb You stay good young man. ğŸŽ„
Sophia asks
santa i think you are coolllll
2018-12-16 03:18:38
Santa says
Thank you Sophie. Shhh.... I think you are cool too. Ho Ho Ho.
Morgan asks
Hey Santa... This app is fake 😁
2018-12-16 03:08:46
Santa says
Really? Why would you say that? I just replied to your text and now I'm replying to you here too Morgan. I'm sorry that the Christmas Magic might not be working on you anymore. I hope you still have a nice Christmas. ğŸŽ„
Cassidy asks
Hi Santa! Could you please get my dad some new slippers, his are broken. Im going to make you milk and cookies, but i wanted to get something for the reindeer also. What do they like? Sometimes on Christmas I hear your footsteps, but i wait 20 minutes so
2018-12-16 02:55:03
Santa says
Thank you Cassidy, I'll speak to the workshop and see what we can do for your Dad. Mmm, the reindeer wold love a carrot by the time we get to your house. But what ever you leave they will be most grateful for. Thank you.
Samantha asks
Hey Santa... hi santa
2018-12-16 02:11:49
Santa says
Hey Samantha, Hi Samantha.
Jessie asks
Hey Santa... Do you like to read?
2018-12-16 01:42:42
Santa says
I do yes, I'd still prefer a cookie on Christmas Eve instead of a book though. Ho Ho Ho.
Belle asks
Hey Santa...whats up
2018-12-16 01:41:22
Santa says
The Sky is certainly 1 thing I can think of Belle. ğŸŽ„
autumn asks
Hey Santa... i cant wait until christmas im so excited for you to come to my house christmas eve!!
2018-12-16 01:03:17
Santa says
Thank you Autumn. You have the perfect name for the time of year too.
MJ asks
Hey Santa - i know you are really busy and that Elfina has been on special assignment, but do you know when she will be arriving at my house? Thank you!
2018-12-16 00:37:54
Santa says
Mmm, I'm not sure MJ. Keep a look out. In the meantime, I'll speak to head Elf.
Ayden asks
i would like a camara for christmas riley my dog wants bones as well as gracie
2018-12-16 00:37:06
Santa says
Thank you Ayden. I hope I don't get them mixed up and give the camera to the dog and the bone to you. Ho ho ho ğŸŽ„
Ava M asks
hey santa am i on the nice list
2018-12-16 00:19:06
Santa says
I can see your name on the... NICE list yes Ava. Well done ğŸŽ„
Kaydence asks
Hey Santa...i would like my elf freddy back plz i would love to see him.
2018-12-16 00:15:13
Santa says
I'll speak to Head Elf and see if he know why you haven't got him. Keep a look out though. ğŸŽ„
TG asks
Hey Santa... We know you’re suowr busy, but MJ wants to know when Elfina will be arriving. Thank you, Love MJ’s Mom
2018-12-16 00:13:48
Santa says
Thank you. Well, very soon I hope Mom. ğŸŽ„
Ava asks
Hey Santa... its Ava
2018-12-16 00:03:44
Santa says
Hello Ava, it's Santa. ğŸŽ„
Rocco asks
Hey Santa...we will leave you cookies and milk!
2018-12-15 23:53:18
Santa says
Thats very kind Rocco. I'll be sure to finish both.
Delia asks
Hey Santa i would like to get some more slime Squishies and putty.
2018-12-15 23:17:12
Santa says
Ooo, yes, very popular this year too. I hope you have fun with them Delia.
Kylie asks
Hey forgot to get the glue.
2018-12-15 22:55:42
Santa says
Did I Kylie? Oops, apologies.
Brooks asks
Hey Santa how are you doing
2018-12-15 22:43:43
Santa says
I'm doing good thank you Brooks, I hope you are too.
Callie asks
Hey Santa... my name is Callie. i want an LOL doll for Christmas! thanks!
2018-12-15 21:53:07
Santa says
I hope you take good care of her Callie. Thank you for letting me know. Have a super Duper Christmas.
Sophie asks
hi santa how you doing. Am i on the nice list
2018-12-15 21:41:55
Santa says
Hey Sophie. I'm good thank you for asking. Let me see. Mmmm, Errr... Yes! You certainly are on the NICE list.
Kaylee asks
Hey Santa...this kaylee May you get my sister some dolls and my brother a drone and me a hoverborad and my mom a good big gift and my grandma a gift
2018-12-15 20:55:28
Santa says
Hi Kaylee. What a lovely thoughtful sister you are 🌟 I will speak to my elves for you. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brooklyn asks
Hey Santa...Can i keep jingle and snowflake until Christmas?
2018-12-15 20:54:23
Santa says
Hi Brooklyn. I don’t see why not ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kaylee asks
Hey Santa...I will like to get my sister a big doll house plz
2018-12-15 19:57:04
Santa says
Hi Kaylee. How very sweet and kind of you. Being a good sister fast tracks you to the nice list! Keep up the good work ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Andrew asks
Hey Santa... My name is Andrew im 9 and a half years old and i want to know if i been good this year?
2018-12-15 19:29:12
Santa says
Hi Andrew. I have been keeping a close eye on you and I can tell you, you have been good this year. Keep up the good work ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
katelyn asks
Hey Santa...i accdadently touched my elf on the shelf what do i do im sad
2018-12-15 19:05:16
Santa says
Hi Katelyn. Please don’t be sad. Your elf knows when it’s an accident so don’t worry, everything will be ok. I see your elf has been making you laugh! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jonah and Ailey asks
Hey you visit and bring gifts to kids who do not listen to their parents and fight all the time?
2018-12-15 18:44:31
Santa says
Hi Jonah
Mae asks
Hey Santa my name is Mae as I hope you should know
2018-12-15 18:28:54
Santa says
Hi Mae. Of course I know. I even watched you texting me! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Freya asks
Hi Santa it’s Freya my daddy said I have been really good this year and I want to know if I am on the good list??
2018-12-15 17:41:46
Santa says
Hi Freya. Your Daddy is right (daddies are always right), you have been really good this year, well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Frey and fin asks
Hey’s Freya and Finley. We have been really good this year , when will you be in Norwich ??
2018-12-15 17:39:45
Santa says
Hey Freya
indigo asks
Hey Santa... We love our new elf Peppermint!
2018-12-15 17:35:32
Santa says
Hi Indigo. I’m so pleased! I hope you have lots of fun ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Erick asks
Hey Santa...Blakely is on her way hope you had a good trip
2018-12-15 17:13:22
Santa says
Hi Erick. I hope you had fun with Blakely. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Marlee asks
Say Santa.... Can you come to our house first please!!!!
2018-12-15 16:57:41
Santa says
Hi Marlee. I know you’re excited, but don’t forget that Christmas is more about spending it with the people you love ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mabry asks
Hey Santa... i love you!
2018-12-15 16:10:28
Santa says
Hi Mabry. That’s very nice of you. I hope you have an amazing Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
melly asks
Hey liam on the nice list
2018-12-15 15:51:17
Santa says
Hi Smelly, I mean Melly, according to my head elf, Liam is on the....NICE list! Well done, Liam! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Preslee,Marlee,Lennon asks
Hey Santa...i am here to see you.
2018-12-15 15:39:50
Santa says
Hi Preslee, Marlee
Alannys asks
Dear Santa I want a pink car and big to play with my dolls. Thanks
2018-12-15 14:24:01
Santa says
Hi Alannys. You’d like a pink car? Sounds fun! I’m sure your dolls will love it. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jess asks
Hey Santa This year for christmas i would like loads of surprises and some makeup and i have been extra good and i got an elf on the shelf
2018-12-15 13:01:46
Santa says
Hi Jess. I love surprises too! I have noticed how good you’ve been this year, well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
jack asks
Hey santa Santa i want a bike please
2018-12-15 11:21:44
Santa says
Hi Jack. That sounds like so much fun. I hope you have an amazing Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ellie asks
Hey Santa...merry Christmas Santa
2018-12-15 11:17:05
Santa says
Merry Christmas, Ellie ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Carly Underwood asks
Hey Santa... I would very much like for my friends and family to have love, health and happiness this christmas! ğŸŽğŸŽ…ğŸŒ² xxx
2018-12-15 11:14:42
Santa says
Hi Carly. What a lovely message, thank you. I wish everyone had the same attitude as you. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
grace asks
you are the best in the would
2018-12-15 10:53:00
Santa says
Hi Grace. Thank you. I think you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
grace asks
Hey santa it isunt long
2018-12-15 10:51:29
Santa says
to Santa my name is Harley-blu asks
Hey Santa...are you making a bike And baby born And are harley-blu Ivy on the nice list Or naughty list From Harley-blu Ivy-Rae
2018-12-15 08:41:06
Santa says
Hi Harvey-Blu
Bleu asks
Hey Santa...I would like anything stitch. To have the best holiday ever!ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ„ğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦ŒğŸ¦Œ Love,BLEU
2018-12-15 04:25:19
Santa says
Hi Bleu, what a lovely name you have. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brandon asks
Hey Santa... I want for christmas super mario party for nintendo switch, a new tablet, and an amazon echo speaker. I will give you milk and cookies. I am very good. Bye-Bye
2018-12-15 03:38:30
Santa says
Hi Brandon. Milk and cookies? Is that really a fair swap for what you’ve asked for? Maybe you could chuck in a couple of chocolate chip cookies too?? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sophia Williams asks
Hi Santa, I just wanted to check with you if I am on the nice list this year? i really have been tryjng my best. Hope you are doing great
2018-12-15 02:44:57
Santa says
Hi Sophia. You certainly are on the nice list. I’ve seen how hard you’ve been trying. Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Luci asks
Dear Santa, American girl doll kitchen
2018-12-15 01:52:28
Santa says
Hey Luci. That sounds fun! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Sherri asks
hi santa. Sadie and Kaedyn are with us for dinner. They are being good
2018-12-15 01:37:55
Santa says
Hi Sherri. That’s great news. Dinner looked yummy! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lilybelle asks
Hey Santa... has Lilybelle been a good girl?
2018-12-15 01:32:49
Santa says
Hi Lilybelle. I’ve been keeping a close eye on you and I can confirm you have been a good girl! Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Georgia asks
dear santa i have a list of presents i want here they are :honey comb,thongs,bath bombs,room decorations,earings,clothes.
2018-12-15 01:22:17
Santa says
Hi Georgia. Cool list! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Olivia Wade asks
Hey Santa...mary. cistmrs love. yoy. santa. fom. olivia👍🏻😘
2018-12-15 01:18:55
Santa says
Hi Olivia. Thank you. Merry Christmas to you too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jacob asks
Hey i on the naughty list? jacob
2018-12-15 01:07:24
Santa says
Hi Jacob. Why do you ask? Do you think you could do better? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ethan asks
Hey Santa... for Christmas I would like a PS4 camera
2018-12-14 21:40:50
Santa says
Hi Ethan. That sounds like a cool present. I hope you don’t spend too much time on the PS4 though. It’s not good for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Grace asks
Hey Santa... Where did you marry Mrs Claus? .......
2018-12-14 21:31:26
Santa says
Hey Grace. We got married in a tiny little church in the mountains here at the North Pole. It was magical. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼ğŸ¤¶ğŸ»
Reuben Whetten asks
Hi Santa!!! How are you?
2018-12-14 19:20:27
Santa says
I'm good thank you for asking me Reuben
Eddy asks
Hey Santa i am wondering if i am on the nice list this year baecause all the other years i have been so if you can text me back that will be great Love Eddy
2018-12-14 13:42:59
Santa says
Hey Eddy, I know you've always been on the NICE list, well done and this year, so far so good. You are still on the NICE list. Well done.
chase asks
Hey Santa...ive been a pretty good boy since that night but for christmas i would like a remote control lamborghini mini one ore a goalrilla ring for the family
2018-12-14 07:20:09
Santa says
Oo, a good list there Chase, thank you. Lets see what we can do.
Natalia Murillo asks
Dear Santa, i’ve been naughty and nice at the same time but i promise i will chage . what i want for christmas this year is an ipad pro , macbook pro, Xbox One , makeup, underwear and bras from victoria secret, and clothes ... Love: Natalia Murillo❤ï¿
2018-12-14 03:39:13
Santa says
Gosh Natalia, thats quite a list you have there.
Kaira asks
i love you santa can i live with my mommy and daddy please love Kaira
2018-12-14 02:47:44
Santa says
I'm not sure I can make that happen Kaira, but remember both love you equal amounts and the situation you are in is probably for the best for now. You keep being amazing to both. Merry Christmas to you.
Kaira asks
Hey Santa...what are you doing
2018-12-14 02:44:39
Santa says
Replying to you Kaira. Ho ho ho
Jessica asks
Hey Santa... my daughter is not being so nice
2018-12-14 01:56:42
Santa says
Oh dear, let her know you've spoken to me Mummy Jesica.
Ray asks
Hey Santa I really want a BDZ album for Christmas. Would you be able to give me that?
2018-12-14 01:46:29
Santa says
That seems like a simple list Ray, thank you. Lets see what we can do for you.
Angelo asks
Hey Santa...hi
2018-12-14 01:45:19
Santa says
Hi Angelo, hi
Miss Abshire asks
Hey Santa... my students are being naughty and keep tattling on each other.
2018-12-14 01:10:11
Santa says
Mmm, thats not good Miss Abshire. Maybe you can let them know you've spoken to me and lets see if that helps stop it. Also, put on Santa Radio to distract them?
Dylan asks
Hey Santa...whats up?
2018-12-14 01:05:33
Santa says
Not much Dylan. The sky and the Moon are 2 things I can think of.
Katy asks
Hey Santa...what happens if i give my parents a hard time?
2018-12-14 00:44:55
Santa says
Well Katy, what do you think happens? Why would you want to give them a hard time? They've given so much love and happiness to you for many many years, so now is the time to pay it back to them. Can you try a little harder Katy please?
lily asks
Hey Santa...Hey santa my elf’s name is buddy and i’m gessing that buddy likes to decarat chritsmas trees becaus buddy made my dog one
2018-12-14 00:10:26
Santa says
He certainly does Lily, thank you for letting me know. We do have many wonderful funny Elfs out there.
gunner asks
Hey Santa... do you have a messenger
2018-12-13 22:54:33
Santa says
Yes I do thank you Gunner.
James asks
Hey Santa...can you call me samta•
2018-12-13 21:16:24
Santa says
Hi James. I’m really busy at the moment... Mrs Claus is just rubbing my feet and feeding me mince pies ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ebony asks
dear santa can i plese have a ploured carmea
2018-12-13 21:13:59
Santa says
Hi Ebony. What a fun gift to ask for! Sounds great. Maybe I’ll take a picture of me before I leave it ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Moya asks
Hi Santa can I please have a i pod touch and that is it. Moya
2018-12-13 21:02:20
Santa says
Hi Moya. That’s music to my ears...Ho, Ho, Ho! I hope you have a wonderful Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Anne asks
Hey Santa... Happy Christmas Santa
2018-12-13 19:54:06
Santa says
Thanks Anne, And to you too.
Teagan asks
Hi Santa! I have been a very good girl but sometimes my parents say im whiney and the elves probably told you but i was wondering if im on the naughty or nice list?
2018-12-13 17:30:18
Santa says
We can all be whiney Teagan. I also know you have a good girl. So, well done and YES you are still on the NICE list. Keep up the good work.
Moya Ebony and Ciaras mum asks
Hey girls Moya, Ebony and Ciara are so excited for Christmas! they are trying very hard to be good and help out and be kind to each other. we cant wait to hear your sleigh bells ringing!
2018-12-13 17:26:13
Santa says
Hello Mummy, thank you for letting me know. Please pass on my sincerest thanks to the children for being so good this year. Looking at the lists, I can see you are all going to have a lovely Christmas.
Landon asks
Hey Santa...this is landon
2018-12-13 14:43:48
Santa says
Hey Landon, this is Santa. Merry Christmas.
Ella asks
Hey Santa... I have been a really good girl and so has my baby sister Heidi. please will you check we are on the good list. lots
2018-12-13 13:13:03
Santa says
Hello Ella
mom asks
Hey is being bad.
2018-12-13 06:21:22
Santa says
Hey Mom. Sorry to hear that. I will keep an extra eye on Chloe for you and report back ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Phoenix Lee asks
Hey you think i will get a basketball ring to shoot?
2018-12-13 05:31:41
Santa says
Hi Phoenix. I will have a word with my elves for you. You’re a great player ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tanner Randall asks
Hey Santa... how many days until Christmas I can’t wait I believe into seconds they presents undertree I love Christmas and you
2018-12-13 03:42:40
Santa says
Hi Tanner. There are only 11 sleeps until Christmas ğŸŽ„ I also love Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tatiana asks
Hey Santa... for christmas i really want a house. that might be crazy but i would love it. talk to ya later!
2018-12-13 02:07:13
Santa says
Hi Tatiana. Do you mean a dolls house? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
max asks
Hey Santa... my name is max. i wanted to know if you can send a christmas gift to warwick house for max from max myers
2018-12-13 01:20:52
Santa says
Hi Max. I most certainly can! I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alexa asks
Hey Santa...yes Do you know where George, my the elf on the shelf is today? He was hiding with all my dishes and his reindeer was with him too.
2018-12-13 00:06:34
Santa says
Ho Ho, thats very funny. George is certainly a Cheeky Elf. Alexa.
Tiffany asks
Hey Santa...Aubrey hasnt been very nice.
2018-12-12 23:18:21
Santa says
Hi Tiffany. Please remind Aubrey that I’m always watching ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cameron asks
ya he dose make me laugh ALOT
2018-12-12 22:09:52
Santa says
Thats good to hear Cameron. HO HO HO
Stanley asks
Hey Santa I’ve been such a good boy this year, Please come and visit me on Christmas eve
2018-12-12 21:54:32
Santa says
Hi Stanley. Seeing as you asked so nicely, I’ll make sure I visit you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Thomas asks
Hey Santa,How are you i have been to a pantomine and watched goldie locks and the 3 bares
2018-12-12 19:48:21
Santa says
Hi Thomas. How lovely, did you enjoy it? I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
olivia asks
Hey Santa ,, I have been a very good girl and the Christmas countdown is on! Ah I on the good or bad list ?
2018-12-12 19:46:28
Santa says
Hi Olivia. Let me’re on the NICE list! Well done. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Zach asks
Hey Santa...want a fitbit
2018-12-12 18:25:33
Santa says
Hi Zach. Yes please...... ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Michelle asks
Hey Santa...Is Reuben Millen on the naughty list?
2018-12-12 18:11:40
Santa says
Hi Michelle. Almost! He’s trying his best ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Zane asks
Hey Santa...I would like a Emmitt robot I have been good this year thankyou Santa
2018-12-12 17:56:18
Santa says
Hi Zane. I have asked the elves and they said a lot of children have ordered these this year. We will try our best for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aaliyah asks
Hey Santa...How are you ? how are the reindeer ?
2018-12-12 17:32:27
Santa says
Hi Aaliyah. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too. The reindeer are all resting ready for the big day ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Manuela asks
Hey Santa... Please send SNOW to Switzerland for X-Mas! Happy Holydays to you, Rudolf, all Reindeers and Elfs!
2018-12-12 14:28:44
Santa says
Hi Manuela. Unfortunately, I can’t control the weather. I’ll ask my friend, God and see if he can pull a few strings. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
chase Ricky asks
will i get presents as i wont go to bed????
2018-12-12 10:02:30
Santa says
Hi Chase. If you don’t go to bed, I won’t be able to leave you any presents. There’s some super cool gifts here for you in the workshop. You really don’t want to miss out on these ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
chase asks
Hey Santa...Chase has been naughty
2018-12-12 10:00:45
Santa says
Hey. I will keep an extra eye on him. I don’t want to put him on the naughty list this close to Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Casey Margaret Barnett asks
Hey Santa...what am doing now ??
2018-12-12 07:52:01
Santa says
Hi Casey 🔮 hmmm, let me see... you’re texting me! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brixton asks
Hey are so tough. You are really strong looking. Anyway, just wanted to see how the Christmas preperation was going. Only 2 weeks left LOL. Have i been good enough for my request for an ant farm granted? Thank you so much. Brixton Win Dil
2018-12-12 03:44:27
Santa says
Hi Brixton. Thank you, I need to be to carry all those presents. I will have a word with the elves about your present. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Zhi’Tazia asks
Hey Santa...Wyd i want alot of stuff so can u hook me up
2018-12-12 02:41:37
Santa says
Hey Zhi’Tazia. Do you mean you’d like a ‘hook a duck’ game? My elves are working on it now, fam! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cameron wing asks
Hey elfs name is chippy
2018-12-12 01:06:06
Santa says
Hi Cameron. I know, myself and Mrs Claus laughed at his name. Has he been making you laugh? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cheyenne C asks
is my brother on the good list cause he has been kinda bad
2018-12-12 00:53:26
Santa says
Hey Cheyenne. Hmmm, the elves say he’s on the...nice list. He does need to work a little harder on being good though ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jonathan asks
have i been to bad this year
2018-12-12 00:37:17
Santa says
Hi Jonathan. If you need to ask, I think you already know the answer. The best thing you can do is to be kind. I’m sure you will work hard at this ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cheyenne asks
Hey Santa...I want a hatchimal for christmas you thank i will get one
2018-12-12 00:34:43
Santa says
Hey Cheyenne. This is such a cool present to ask for. My elves will try their best for you. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alexa asks
Hey Santa... we have our Christmas tree up
2018-12-12 00:28:15
Santa says
Hi Alexa. Woohoo! Does it make you feel all warm and fuzzy? Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Damon asks
Hey Santa...can i get a special toy ryans toy review egg love damon edward sorg
2018-12-12 00:24:46
Santa says
Hi Damon. These toys are very popular this year. My elves are doing what they can. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alfie-jay asks
Hey Santa...i know its not long now untill christmas i have tried my best to behave i would love a iphone 6 :)
2018-12-12 00:15:53
Santa says
Hi Alfie-Jay. You’ve done really well so far. Keep up the good work ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Molly asks
Hey Santa.. please make sure you see Riley!
2018-12-12 00:03:43
Santa says
Hey Molly. How could I forget Riley? Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aaliyah asks
Hey Santa...i broke my favorite head band and wish another one just like it can you please make me one just like it? love aaliyah
2018-12-11 23:47:36
Santa says
Hi Aaliyah. I’m sorry to hear this. I have let the elves know. They will do what they can for you. You still look beautiful without itğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Nicola asks
Hey Santa its me agian so i found the other elf you sent me i named her Rose! Thank you sooooo much my first elf Daisy is super happy merry christmas!
2018-12-11 21:57:08
Santa says
Hi Nicola. I’m so pleased Rose got to you in time. You are welcome. Hope you all have lots of fun together ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Carkey asks
Hello Santa...if your real what am I doing right now besides texting you?
2018-12-11 20:29:43
Santa says
Hi Carley. You’re obviously not
spelt your own name wrong ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Carley asks
Hey Santa I have a christmas idea for you.
2018-12-11 20:28:11
Santa says
Hi Carley. This sounds exciting, what is it? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
zara asks
Hey Santa... you smell like poop
2018-12-11 19:17:36
Santa says
Oh dear. Do I?
Emily Phillips asks
Hey Santa how are you and the randers in the cold noth pole I relisedni havent sent my letter of yet so I just wanted to ask is it ok if I text you it. It is not long at all so just let me know if it is ok I can because I really want perents this year and
2018-12-11 18:48:57
Santa says
Hi Emily. Of course you can text me. I can’t wait to see what you’d like ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
George asks
Hey are you ?
2018-12-11 17:42:16
Santa says
Hi George. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kirsty asks
Hey Santa my nephew kenzie wants nothing for christmas as he is always misbehaving and hitting me although i am his auntie
2018-12-11 17:41:15
Santa says
Hi Kirsty. I have noticed Kenzies behaviour. Maybe you can be nicer to each other. It’s never too late to be kind ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
savanna asks
Hey santa.I would like to tell ypu my wish list. I would like an iphone XS ij the color gold or rose gold!
2018-12-11 16:41:00
Santa says
Hi Savanna. We have had many children asking for these and the elves can’t keep up. We will try our best for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
rose asks
Hey are you santa
2018-12-11 15:10:57
Santa says
Hi Rose. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cleo asks
Hey Santa... I’m Cleo and I won’t a nerf gun and loads off cool dolly’s love Cleo
2018-12-11 09:31:01
Santa says
Hi Cleo. Woah, that sounds like tons of fun! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
momma Char asks
Hey Santa... can i count on you for helping wifh the kids behavior?
2018-12-11 03:05:47
Santa says
You certainly can Momma.
Charlotte asks
dear santa, i know sometimes i havent been good. its going to be hard for me to open my presents with a broken wrist. also santa i would like some project mc2 things. and i would like a hoverboard.
2018-12-11 02:35:19
Santa says
Hi again, Charlotte. How is your wrist? I’m sure you will find a way to open your presents ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mikey asks
Hey Santa... Hey Santa could you tell Al to move because he hasn’t moved in a week so could you tell him tonight when I’m sleeping to wake up and jellybeans I know he likes jelly beans I’m gonna give him some jellybeans and tell him that I’m gonna
2018-12-11 02:34:10
Santa says
Hi Mikey. I’m not sure why he’s not moved. Maybe he’s super tired from all the travelling to get to you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Elliott asks
dear santa, i have been very good this year. i cannot wait to see what you bring me for christmas. will you bring me something good?
2018-12-11 02:33:19
Santa says
Hi Elliot. Of course I will. I’ve been keeping an eye on you all year so I know what you’ll like. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
James l asks
hey santa what am i doing right now
2018-12-11 01:52:10
Santa says
Writing me a message! Ho Ho Ho
James asks
Hey Santa.. what am i doing right now
2018-12-11 01:49:54
Santa says
Hey James. Let me see.... you’re texting me! Hi, Ho, HoğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Maggie, John, Evelyn asks
Hey Santa...we hope Sheila is back tomorrow. Why didn’t she move for three days?
2018-12-11 00:20:31
Santa says
Mmm, I'm not sure but I will speak to Head Elf and find out. Maybe she had a poorly tummy. I'm sure she'll be back to normal soon.
Karen Wells asks
Hey it snowing in the North Pole
2018-12-11 00:11:40
Santa says
Hi Karen. It certainly is. It’s pure white here ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼ğŸŽ„ğŸ¤¶ğŸ»
Jemma’s mummy asks
hi santa, jemma is sad and angry with life, how can i help her feel hsppy again? thank you and keep up the grrat work. x
2018-12-10 23:40:46
Santa says
Hi Jemma’s Mummy. I’m sorry to hear this. How about going back to basics and spending quality time together, reading books and having girly days out. Take away technology for a week and I think you’ll see a huge difference. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Katelyn asks
r u real i think you are my friends dont tho
2018-12-10 23:38:31
Santa says
Those who don’t believe in the magic, only receive underwear for Christmas. Children like to make things up when they get to a certain age. Of course I’m real. Merry Christmas, Katelyn ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Katelyn asks
i know you might be busy but id like one of your elves to come over,id also like a cosmo,lego pirate ship,and a new basketball,thank you
2018-12-10 23:34:44
Santa says
Hi Katelyn. I’m never too busy for you. I will add those cool things to your list and see what the elves can do for you. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼ğŸŽ„
James Pettipas asks
Hey Santa... what do you mean Kane might be having a party with his friend while Im sleeping?! Why does Kane never eat?
2018-12-10 23:27:32
Santa says
Hi James. Kane does eat, he eats small portions of your food in the fridge. Whilst you’re sleeping, the elves have secret parties ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
leah asks
Hey Santa...send nudes😏
2018-12-10 21:32:02
Santa says
Hey Leah, I prefer autumnal tones this time of year ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Marley asks
Hey Santa... hi santa this is Marley how are you dowing I’m dowing good
2018-12-10 20:53:02
Santa says
Hi Marley. I’m great, thank you and glad you are too. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jemma asks
Hi Santa, I really want a puppy this year. I would love a golden or chocolate coca-spaniel! Im so sorry for being rude to my sister. I am very dissapointed in myself. Love from Jemma xxx
2018-12-10 20:18:07
Santa says
Hi Jemma. Please don’t be so hard on yourself. We all have disagreements sometimes. Always remember, sisters are also best friends. I hope you all have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼ğŸŽ„
Casey Barnett asks
Hey Santa...whos my best friends ??
2018-12-10 20:04:21
Santa says
Oh no, Casey. Have you forgotten already? Maybe I’ll bring you a note book so you can write them down ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Stephanie asks
hay santa. am i on the nice list this year?
2018-12-10 19:11:47
Santa says
Hi Stephanie. I’ve just checked with our head elf, Ellie and you’re on the... NICE list. Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Genevieve asks
Hey kids are not behaving! they wont listen to me. They say unkind words and torture their cat!
2018-12-10 18:33:48
Santa says
Ooo, thats not good, do tell them they are heading for the naughty list.
Christopher cox asks
Hey Santa... are you very buzy
2018-12-10 16:30:07
Santa says
Hi Christopher. I’m not quite sure how to answer this... ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Emily asks
Hey Santa...can you come early on Saturday, December 16 since we will be traveling on Christmas?
2018-12-10 13:40:12
Santa says
Hi Emily. I will see what I can do. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Roham and Sasha asks
Hey Santa... We are going to send you a present
2018-12-10 11:43:13
Santa says
Ah, that’s so sweet of you, thank you. I never get presents, funnily enough ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Emma asks
i just wanna get art supplies!
2018-12-10 04:18:01
Santa says
Hi Emma. Great idea! I love to see you being creative! Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lilia asks
Hey Santa... how are you?
2018-12-10 01:49:19
Santa says
Hi Lilia. I’m very well thank you. I hope you are too. Well done at school today! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Bradley asks
Hey Santa... for Christmas I would like an Apple Watch series 4 44mm
2018-12-10 00:38:24
Santa says
Hi Bradley. Is that all? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
abi asks
hi santa for christmas there is not much I want but there is one thing and that is for my mum to get her new job.
2018-12-09 22:43:02
Santa says
Ahhh, Abi, what a lovely little girl you are! I will sprinkle extra magic dust and wish for the same. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Angelica asks
hi Santa have i been good ? i have a dance solo this year . l am excited to perform on stage
2018-12-09 22:41:51
Santa says
Hi Again, Angelica. What an exciting time! I hope you have lots of fun, I’m sure you’ll be star of the show! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Angelica asks
Hey Santa...i love you when you give me gifts
2018-12-09 22:37:42
Santa says
Hi Angelica. Does that mean your love is conditional?? Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Callum payne asks
Hey Santa... this year i would realy like some air force 1 and a new scooter also i have gotten 2 detinsions this year so please dont put me on the naughty list thanks callum
2018-12-09 22:16:48
Santa says
Hi Callum. Thank you for your text. I’m sure you have learned from your detentions and won’t get another this year. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
ethan asks
hello its ethan how are you?
2018-12-09 21:35:39
Santa says
Hello, Ethan. I’m great, thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lydia Wilkins asks
Hey Santa... I would like a hoverboard and a water bottle for Christmas.
2018-12-09 21:17:50
Santa says
Hi Lydia. The hover board looks thirsty work! I’ll see what I can do for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ciara asks
can u get me the ipad pro 10.9 inch by the 20th of December P.S. ciara thank u
2018-12-09 21:04:49
Santa says
Hi again, Ciara. I don’t fly until the 24th December. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ciara asks
hello Santa its me Ciara
2018-12-09 21:02:58
Santa says
Hi Ciara, it’s me, Santa ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Casey Barnett asks
Hey Santa...if u r real whats my eye problem ?? and what has me and my family recently done ??
2018-12-09 20:56:01
Santa says
Hi Casey. You recently went to the supermarket, school, your friends house, oh, and you recently picked your nose! Eeeeew ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jazlynn asks
Hey mom told me you arent real
2018-12-09 19:06:58
Santa says
Thats a silly thing to say. it's ME replying to you. I'll prove it... Ho ho ho. See.
Fraser Wishart asks
Hey Santa...aye would realy like the power rangers mega zord thank you very much fraser
2018-12-09 18:14:12
Santa says
Thats an Awesome toy Fraser. Good choice.
Fraser Wishart asks
Hey aye still om the good boy list
2018-12-09 18:04:15
Santa says
I do believe you are Fraser, well done.
freya asks
Hey . finley , josh and angel are getting really excited here in norwich . hooe you are ok ??!!
2018-12-09 17:58:04
Santa says
Excellent we are super excited here too in the North Pole.
Amy asks
Hey Santa... We want to wish all our friends and family a Merry Christmas! Pizza and beer waiting for you at our place! 😂
2018-12-09 17:56:30
Santa says
Ooo, am I a friend? That sounds like a great welcome feast.
Brianas dad asks
Hey Santa...briana had a pretty good report card. big improvement.
2018-12-09 17:26:43
Santa says
That's great news, thank you for letting me know Dad. Put Santa Radio on to celebrate! Say well done to Briana from me. Ho Ho Ho.
Steph asks
Hey Santa... Have I been good this year?❤️
2018-12-09 14:56:26
Santa says
Excellent well done Steph
Lilly asks
Hey Santa...thank you for my present today i love it love lilly
2018-12-09 14:55:21
Santa says
You are welcome Lilly. So polite. 👍
Paige asks
Hey Santa whats up
2018-12-09 14:35:46
Santa says
The Moon, sun, sky, clouds etc. Is that enough Paige? Ho Ho Ho
Ayden asks
Hey Santa...For christmas i would like toys
2018-12-09 13:28:14
Santa says
Ah yes, you and millions of others. Ho ho ho. THank you Ayden.
Carley asks
Hey Santa... how r u
2018-12-09 11:30:36
Santa says
I'm good, how r u Carley?
Storm Pietropaolo asks
Hey Santa its me Storm again I was just making sure the 110 motorbike I am getting from you is a honda offroad motor bike Thank You
2018-12-09 10:26:05
Santa says
Oh yes, I'll definitely check it's a Honda, I'm sure you don't want a toy one Storm.
Casey asks
im putting my Chistmas decorations up today Santa xx :)
2018-12-09 09:50:38
Santa says
Very Good Casey. mine stay up ALL year. I love Christmas I do. ğŸŽ…
Stuffers asks
Santa its Stuffers Caseys elf on the shelf . theres a big big problem!! i headed out to Casey on the first or december !! there is a really big delay i cant get in my elf door !! i think i need tinsal the pink elf to come with my key. And if ahe likes she
2018-12-09 09:48:35
Santa says
Eeeek. Thank you for letting me know Stuffers. Do use the encrypted security portal to message in the future though Stuffers.
Casey asks
HeySanta...My mum told me your not real. Is that true ??
2018-12-09 09:30:13
Santa says
What? Why would she say that? Has she been drinking? She certainly had many good Christmas's when she was your age and she sent me letters many times. You tell Mummy that Santa remembers her when she was naughty many years ago. And telling you I'm not real could land her back on the naughty list even as a Mummy.
Jameson asks
Hey Santa...jameson is being a little naughty.
2018-12-09 04:05:02
Santa says
Oh dear. Tell him you've spoke to me and maybe that will help Jameson.
Zion’s dad asks
Hey Santa...Zion is sweet can we get her off naughty list
2018-12-09 04:00:25
Santa says
Hello Zion's dad, I think that can be arranged. Thank you for the update.
Deven asks
Hey Santa...I would like a toy train and a toy mummy for Christmas please. Have a Merry Christmas Love Deven
2018-12-09 02:49:25
Santa says
Toy Mummy? Ooo, I've not been asked for one of those for
Elizabeth asks
Hey Santa... i would like to add one more thing to my list a simply southern shirt and some lush things and a new bebe backpack please and thank you and have a great day
2018-12-09 02:17:02
Santa says
What a great list Elizabeth, thank you. I'll send it to the workshop. Thank you for the messages, have a super great Christmas. Ho ho ho ğŸŽ„
tev asks
Hey Santa...adysin has been naughty
2018-12-09 01:45:29
Santa says
Oh dear. So have you, snitching on Adysin. Ho ho ho. ğŸŽ„
Aiden D asks
Hey Santa...Can you bring me a pretend toy coffee maker?
2018-12-09 00:51:15
Santa says
Of course, I'll have a look Aiden. No sugar, just a splash of milk. Many thanks. Santa ğŸŽ„
Gary asks
Hey Santa...CJ needs an analog watch for Christmas
2018-12-08 22:24:30
Santa says
Right, thanks Gary.
Brianna asks
Hey Santa... what are you doing i am bored
2018-12-08 21:43:17
Santa says
Just answering this message Brianna.
Dillion asks
Hey Santa... have i been good
2018-12-08 21:22:41
Santa says
You have Dillon, well done.
grace walker darling asks
Hey Santa... hello are you real
2018-12-08 18:41:24
Santa says
Yes Grace, very real. Sometimes I can't believe how real I am. It's wonderful being me. Ho Ho Ho.
jeffery asks
Hey Santa... hows life love jeff lad x
2018-12-08 17:59:39
Santa says
Thanks Jeff Lad. Yeah life is good. I hope it is with you too.
Mia asks
Hey Santa...i really eant a macbook a new bike 2,000 dollars i want my mum or call to win the lottery or my dad and my brother to get big and famous on youtube
2018-12-08 16:24:00
Santa says
So, it's just a small list Mia? I'm not sure about the cash and lottery, bit I'll certainly consider the rest of the list.
Mary Hardy asks
Hey Santa... my elf chucky is a good hider you are so sweet to take all your time for us and I have a strange thing to ask you can I keep my elf pet after Christmas please say yes I really like her and she makes me happy.
2018-12-08 15:34:33
Santa says
Hey Mary. They all need to come back here Mary. Make sure you enjoy your time with Chucky now and I'm very sure he'll be super excited to come back to you NEXT year too.
Julia asks
Hello Santa! Yay! Christmas is in 18 days!
2018-12-08 15:30:33
Santa says
I know I'm very excited. Thanks Julia.
Logan Nette asks
Hey Santa...I wish for a Doominator Zombie Strike Nerf Gun or Wipeout Omega Collection for PS4 Disc
2018-12-08 15:10:49
Santa says
Oh yes, lots of toys that lots of children have asked for Logan, well done.
Lexeigh asks
Hey Santa...what are all of the reindeer names? love lexeigh
2018-12-08 14:16:18
Santa says
As I'm answering so many of these I don't have time to write them. Google has the answer, but I do think you know ALL their names yourself Lexeigh.
Nyla asks
Hey my Elf Banana there with you
2018-12-08 14:09:19
Santa says
I've not seen him for a while so maybe he's on his way to you Nyla.
Jenson asks
Hey Santa ...hi santa ive been good this year
2018-12-08 13:31:26
Santa says
I know Jenson. Head Elf told me yesterday. Well done. Stay Good!
Alfie asks
Hey Santa am I on the nice or naughty list?
2018-12-08 13:21:15
Santa says
I don't think so Alfie. Do you need to be?
Danielle asks
Hey Santa...i hope you are well, as i think i have been a good girl may i please have a new fitbit watch for christmas as my one does not work anymore and i like to do lots of walking and it helps me. love from Danielle
2018-12-08 12:16:04
Santa says
Excersie is a good think Danielle, well done. I'll go check in with the workshop. Yes you have been good. Stay good.
joe asks
Hey Santa...I would like a thanos glove for Christmas
2018-12-08 11:28:16
Santa says
Just the one? How about one for the other hand too Joe? Ho ho ho
Justin Sauceda asks
Hey Santa... I would like a new bible for Christmas and a journal to write what I learned in the Bible.
2018-12-08 11:27:04
Santa says
Thank you Justin. I also got your other 2 messages, one of which concerned me greatly. I do hope you were joking. I'm not sure the Bible teaches talk like that.
Jazlynn asks
hey . why havwnt buddy and jingle ( our elves ) came to our house yet ? they supposed to come Dec. 1 , and its Dec. 7 and they still arent here :(
2018-12-08 03:51:00
Santa says
Thats odd, I'm not sure why Jazlynn, can you also ask your parent too please? I'll speak to head Elf also.
Jackson asks
santa may I please touch my elves
2018-12-08 03:34:35
Santa says
Ooo, why would you want to do that Jackson? I think you should leave them to do what they do. ğŸŽ„
Quinn asks
I want a barbie dreamhouse please (with elavetor) i would love to see you this year! And could you bring us a elf? Have a great Christmas!😁
2018-12-08 01:53:21
Santa says
That all looks good Quinn, but you may need to use 'please' a little more. Ho Ho ho. Thank you for the list I'll be sure to pass to the workshop.
Marissa asks
Hello Santa
2018-12-08 01:47:39
Santa says
Hello Marissa ğŸŽ„
Sean asks
Hey Santa... how are you?
2018-12-08 01:19:29
Santa says
I'm great thank you Sean.Thank you for asking. ğŸŽ„
Stefan asks
Hey Santa... could you pelase send a boy Elf to our house? I hope you are having a good day!
2018-12-07 22:37:30
Santa says
I'll have a word with Team Elf Stefan, thank you.
Ana asks
Hey Santa! i am just wondering if you can tell me if im on the naughty list or the nice list. if its ok with you
2018-12-07 22:04:15
Santa says
I've just had a quick look Ana. It looks like you are on the NICE list. Well Done.
Joe asks
Hey bigs your sleigh?
2018-12-07 22:00:26
Santa says
Pretty big Joe. Needs to be for all those presents. Thank you for asking.
maddie asks
Hey Santa... for christmas i want activity books chritmss ones . a new ipad and a northpole ride , can you please fill my stocking too and maybe leave gifts at my grandma and grandpas house
2018-12-07 20:57:37
Santa says
Gosh, a lovely list Maddie, thank you. I'll be sure to tell Head Elf about Grandma and Grandpa's house. He knows them very well.
Riley and Vanessa asks
Hey Santa... my name is riley and im with my friend vanessa. we are from georgia, and we are so excited for christmas! this year, vanessa wants an ipad pro. i want a electric scooter that goes atleast 25 miles per hour. i love you santa! bye
2018-12-07 20:43:41
Santa says
25mph? Goodness. You'll be as fast as my sleigh nearly. Thank you Riley. Do say hi to Vanessa for me and Georgia is one of my favourite parts of the world. Merry Christmas to you both.
happy Christmas asks
Hi santa happy Christmas hope you are working very hard on my Christmas presents and i will live you milk and a pie and the randias a carrot for them love from Anne Bannister xxxxxxxx
2018-12-07 19:32:35
Santa says
Thank you Anne. YEs the whole team is working very hard. We are on schedule and will be at your house between the time you go to bed and sometime before you wake up. Ho ho ho.
Leanne asks
Hey Santa...Mary Caroline has had a good bit of trouble with hee behavior. please watch her closely.
2018-12-07 18:32:30
Santa says
Thank you Leanne, I'll keep a closer eye on her. Maybe you can tell Caroline that you have spoken to me?
Harrison p H asks
Hey Santa...kan I be 1 of yro elvs and rid roodulf the red nost ran der and dliver prezns and giv me magic can you sneec in mi room and wac me up yes ro n
2018-12-07 13:35:48
Santa says
Ul try un ce wot i cun doo. thnk yo
Millie shand asks
Hey Santa... i would really love a dog this year and i was wondering if you could maybe get me one or message my mum to decide if you should get me one but i would like it so so much! its my birthday on the 14th if december did you know that? love millie
2018-12-07 07:08:00
Santa says
I will speak to your Mum Millie, I'm not allowed to carry live animals on board. Thank you for letting me know.
Kiele Wilson asks
Hi i want to ask you a few quetions
2018-12-07 04:42:02
Santa says
You and hundreds of others. Lets have 2 or 3 Kiele. ğŸŽ„
Carina asks
Hey Santa...How are you? you must be very busy. make sure to eat lots of cookies!!
2018-12-07 03:32:12
Santa says
Ho Ho Ho Carina. I'm sure that will happen. I DO LOVE COOKIES! ğŸŽ„
Alexa asks
Hey i was rough with my little sister. Calliope our elf left for a little bit to go tell you. I hope that im not on the naughty list. Im sorry. love always Alexa.
2018-12-07 03:27:58
Santa says
Hello Alexa. The first thing you have done right her is owing up to your mistake. We all make mistakes and being honest about it is the first path to greatness. If you take this attitude throughout your life you will continue to be a wonderful human being. Now you know you did wrong you will know what NOT to do next time. Merry Christmas Alexa.
Aniyah asks
Hey Santa... can I get a guitar
2018-12-07 03:27:12
Santa says
I seem to be missing a 'please' Aniyah. Ho ho ho. I'll have a look in the Workshop.
Benjamin asks
Hey Santa... i would like for christmas this Wish list [Nintendo switch Nintendo switch game travelers deluxe system case Nintendo switch wireless pro controller Splatoon 2 for Nintendo switch LEGO marvel superhero’s 2 for Nintendo switch Rocket l
2018-12-07 02:05:56
Santa says
Just a short lit Benjamin? Ho Ho Ho. I hope you've been extra good this year?
Wyatt asks
Hey Santa...please make sure my mommy gets a nice surpise
2018-12-07 01:49:27
Santa says
I will do Wyatt. Especially if she is still up when I arrive. I'll give her a big Santa Cuddle.
Tyler asks
Hey Santa...i lost a tooth
2018-12-07 00:58:47
Santa says
Oh dear. It shouldn't affect anything on your Christmas list Tyler. I'll speak to the Tooth Fairy and make sure she knows to come and collect it.
Charlotte asks
i love you so muchlove you
2018-12-07 00:46:44
Santa says
Thank you Charlotte, you are very sweet. Merry Christmas. ğŸŽ„
Ella Dangremond asks
am i on the nice list?!?
2018-12-07 00:10:18
Santa says
Hell Ella, you are on the same list as last year. Yes, the NICE list. Well done. Keep being good. ğŸŽ„
Ella Dangremond asks
geuss what? my elfs noelle and snowflake were hiding in the flowers in the kitchen!🤫
2018-12-07 00:07:48
Santa says
Really? They are so funny. You keep an eye on them and lets see what happens next Ella. ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ„
Lily asks
hey santa i believe it is my 3 time texting you but enyway some of my friends don’t believe in you wus it right to ignore that.
2018-12-07 00:01:39
Santa says
Yes it is the third time Lily. You tell your friend that you have had a reply from me.
Gracyn asks
Having a great time making toys?ğŸ‘ğŸ»ğŸŽ…ğŸ»
2018-12-06 23:48:50
Santa says
Oh yes, I love t so do all the Elves. Want to come and help Gracyn.? Ho Ho Ho ğŸŽ„
James asks
Hi Santa, If kinsley is naughty will she get presents?
2018-12-06 23:30:40
Santa says
Well she may not get everything. But perhaps she can try harder and get the lot? ğŸŽ„
Lily asks
Hey Santa...i want a iphone i think that that’not all i want for christmas i’ll think more
2018-12-06 23:08:11
Santa says
Ok thanks Lily... again... Would you like a bag of 'please' too. Ho Ho ho.
Maia and Nina asks
Hey Santa...May your elf Prinsses stay and join us on ChrismasğŸŽ…ğŸ¼ğŸ¤¶ğŸ¼â˜ƒï¸ğŸª
2018-12-06 22:57:39
Santa says
I'm not sure. I know she is due here for Christmas. Apologies. Do enjoy the time with her now though.
Elaina Russell asks
Hey Santa, Did you get the James Charles x Morphe euesahdow palette before it ran out??
2018-12-06 22:20:04
Santa says
I'll have a look Elaina, thank you for checking in.
Lily asks
Hey Santa... i don’t have alot of things in mind that you could get me
2018-12-06 21:29:39
Santa says
Oh I see, thank you Lily.
Max asks
Hey Santa...i have just realised that i forgot to ask for a pwrsonalised book ahen i wrote to you, i’m trying to be good, but as i seem to have a bug i’m grumpy. thank you Santa from Max aged 7.
2018-12-06 19:40:59
Santa says
Hi Max. We are all allowed to be grumpy now and then. I hope your bug clears up soon ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Maz asks
Hey Santa... just to let you know we’ve moved house - do you have Isabella’s new address?
2018-12-06 18:09:03
Santa says
Hi Maz. I sure do. Hope you’re settling in your new home. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Valerie Gonzalez asks
Hey Santa...its valerie and i really want an ipad mini this year.My sister has been really nice to me.I hope her and i both get presents and could you leave a not when you come to my house because ill write you one.Rosie my elf on the shelf came wait...yl
2018-12-06 16:06:08
Santa says
Hey Valerie. It’s great to see you and your sister being kind to each other. I look forward to seeing your note. If I have time, I will leave you one too. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
alfie q asks
Hey Santa... Can I have a PS4 pc monitor gold chain and a bigger tv
2018-12-06 15:47:41
Santa says
Hi Alfie. Are you sure that’s all you’d like? Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Andre asks
Hey Santa... its Hermi text me back
2018-12-06 15:41:12
Santa says
Hi Hermi. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lamont asks
Hey Santa... can you please take care of Macy in my class as her and her family live in a shelter. this is my only wish this year. thank you Santa. love Lamont Martin
2018-12-06 15:15:54
Santa says
Hi Lamont. Your message really touched me. What a beautiful person you are. I will do what I can for your friend, Macy. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Zach asks
Hey Santa... how are you, Santa? I have been good this morning and I was safe when someone woke me up.
2018-12-06 14:08:53
Santa says
Thats great to hear Zach. Stay good.
Evelyn asks
Hey Santa... how do you fly in one night?
2018-12-06 12:45:25
Santa says
Hi Evelyn. I have a Stardust Antimatter Propulsion Engine, which allows me to travel at superluminal speeds - faster than the speed of light! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Reef Pietropaolo asks
Dear santa for christmas all i want is an ipad Love Reef
2018-12-06 11:03:09
Santa says
Hi Reef. All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Storm Pietropaolo asks
Hey Santa its me Storm and for christmas I would like a 110cc motorbike Thank You
2018-12-06 10:58:05
Santa says
Hi Storm. Wow, that sounds fun. Almost as fast at the sleigh! Please make sure you wear your helmet. And shin pads. And elbow pads. And gloves. And bubble wrap. Oh, and a bit of cotton wool! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Austin asks
Hey Santa.. my name is austin i just want to day hi
2018-12-06 07:33:35
Santa says
Hi Austin. My name is Santa and I just wanted to reply... Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
maddie gerrard asks
i am on the nice list
2018-12-06 07:32:53
Santa says
Hi Maddie. I admire your confidence...Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
maddie asks
Hey Santa... what are you doing right now
2018-12-06 07:29:58
Santa says
Hi Mandie. I’m just about to have my lunch. It’s 1.15pm here. The elves have made a vegan pie! Mmmm ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Addison asks
Hey Santa...what are you doing?
2018-12-06 05:23:03
Santa says
Hi Addison. I’m just taking off my boots ready to thaw in front of the fire. Mrs Claus has been knitting me some new socks! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tyler asks
am on the good list?
2018-12-06 00:51:43
Santa says
Hi Tyler. Hmmmm, let me check...oh, you are on the good list, well done! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tyler asks
Hey Santa... hey santa
2018-12-06 00:45:52
Santa says
Hey Tyler.....hey Tyler ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Andrew’s Mom asks
Hey Santa...Andrew just tried to sneak candy before dinner, TWICE!
2018-12-05 23:52:12
Santa says
Oh dear, thats a bit naughty. Tell him you spoke to me Mom, maybe he'll be better behaved and eat the dinner first from now on.
Daniella asks
Hello santa , hope you are doing well .I would like a nintendo switch and i might send you a letter with a few other things . i hope you enjoy your day.
2018-12-05 22:46:34
Santa says
Thank you Daniella, a lovely message. Stay good and keep listening to Santa Radio and tell your friends too.
Joshua asks
Hey Santa... This is Joshua. I want to let you know I would like the new Super Smash Bros. game for Christmas. I also am wondering if I’m on the Naughty or Nice list? My Mom and Dad keep saying I may be on the Naughty List.
2018-12-05 22:43:24
Santa says
Thank you Joshua. Which list do you think you are on? I'm sure if you try extra hard from now, you'll easily make to, or stay, on the NICE list. Tell friends about Santa Radio and you'll move very quickly to the NICE list. Ho ho ho.
Charlotte Ogan asks
Hey Santa for xmas I would like a husky
2018-12-05 22:33:04
Santa says
A Husky? A husky voice? Ho ho ho. Thank you Charlotte. Merry Christmas
Kenna asks
Hey Santa i wanted to let you know what i want for chistmass. i want jacob sartorius for christmass
2018-12-05 22:21:59
Santa says
I see, thank you Kenna. I'll speak to Head Elf. :-)
Matteson asks
Hey Santa...we accidentaly knocked sammy the elf over but we didnt touch him. is he going to be ok and should we move him back or wait.
2018-12-05 22:11:19
Santa says
I'm sure he'll be fine Matteson. Thank you for letting me know.
Mommy Koues asks
Garrison needa to take a nap. He’s a bit cranky.
2018-12-05 21:57:55
Santa says
Hi Erin. Maybe a cuddle and a story might settle him off into a soothing little nap ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Erin asks
Hey Santa...Santa, Garrison has not taken his nap today.
2018-12-05 21:17:56
Santa says
Hi Erin. Welcome to the ‘next stage’. It looks like Garrison is growing up and doesn’t need a nap any longer. Embrace the extra time you have together ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Christopher asks
hey santa please can you give me a playstaion and elf on the shelf
2018-12-05 21:06:57
Santa says
Hi Christopher. I will see what I can do. The elves are working really hard this week ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Cassandra asks
Hey Santa... i wanted to let you know that Eliza would like barbie items and accessories and mackenzie would like a baby doll and accessories! if anything else comes up ill let you know ☺️
2018-12-05 20:50:41
Santa says
Hi Cassandra. Thank you for letting me know. I will try my best for them ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
lily asks
I want my stocking filled web presence at Disney
2018-12-05 20:07:09
Santa says
Oh I see. I must admit, I do love Disney too Lily. Stay good.
Lily asks
Hey Santa... I want my stocking filled at Disney
2018-12-05 20:06:37
Santa says
Hi Lily. Wow, that’s some request. I’ll see what I can do ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alesha asks
Hey how are you for christmas i would lime s laptop, an Xbox please. Did you know i have a boufriend he is called Harri Thomas he is so kind and cute
2018-12-05 20:05:30
Santa says
Hi Alesha. A boyfriend at your age? I’m glad to learn he’s kind though ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Krew asks
Hey Santa...when will buddy the elf visit?
2018-12-05 19:43:03
Santa says
Hi Krew. I would have thought he would have arrived by now. Maybe he’s stuck in traffic ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
lucy asks
Hi Santa thanks for the invite to let me go to see if you guys can come
2018-12-05 19:25:34
Santa says
My pleasure Lucy, thank you for dropping me a note.
Lola asks
Hey Santa are you
2018-12-05 19:21:25
Santa says
Hi Lola. I was wondering when I would hear from you. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Zach asks
Hey Santa... I will be safe by no hitting. If I dont hit, I can get my fitbit.
2018-12-05 19:02:33
Santa says
Hi Zach. No hitting other children (or adults) and I will see what I can do. It’s not cool to hurt people but it is cool to be kind ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Zach asks
Hey Santa... you are awesome. I want a Fitbit for Christmas.
2018-12-05 18:57:55
Santa says
Thanks Zach. I think you are awesome too. Fitbit? Mrs Christmas is a Fitbit too. Ho ho ho.
lucy asks
Hi Santa Your r cool
2018-12-05 18:47:52
Santa says
Thank you, Lucy! I think you are super cool too! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
lucy asks
Hey Santa I am good
2018-12-05 18:41:02
Santa says
Hi Lucy. Let me check with head elf, Ellie...YES! Keep up the hard work ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Abe asks
Hey Santa...when do you let the elves on the shelf move?
2018-12-05 17:23:38
Santa says
Hi Abe. They only come to life once you’re being super good and go to sleep ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lesley asks
Hey Santa... how’s u
2018-12-05 16:57:12
Santa says
Hey Lesley. I’m great, thank you. I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
dr.sherrill asks
Hey Santa...Worley is being very nice. he worked super hard today. Please put him on the extra-good list!
2018-12-05 16:48:07
Santa says
What a superstar you are, Worley! Well done. We are all proud of you here at the North Pole ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
mummy asks
Hey Santa...just wondering if the camera is working ok?
2018-12-05 16:18:03
Santa says
Hey Mummy. Yes, it was a bit crackly earlier today though. Did I miss anything? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Heidi asks
Hey Santa... I just want to wish you and the Mrs. A Merry Christmas!
2018-12-05 16:04:09
Santa says
Hi again, Heidi. Thank you very much. We wish you a merry Christmas too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Heidi Moulton asks
Hi Santa, I lost my husband,the love of my life, 2 years ago. I know you can not bring him back but I was wondering if you could use some of your Christmas magic and make this Christmas a magical one for me. I have been alone too long. Thanks
2018-12-05 16:00:32
Santa says
Thank you for the message Heidi. So sorry to hear that. You will always have the gift that he will remain in your heart forever along with the memories you shared. And while you hold on to those amazing memories, it will surely help make it a magical Christmas. Much Love. Santa xx
Heidi asks
Hi Santa, I lost my husband,the love of my life, 2 years ago. I know you can’t bring him back but I was wondering if you could use some of your Christmas magic to make this Christmas a very merry one for me. I’ve been alone too long. Thanks
2018-12-05 15:40:13
Santa says
Hi Heidi. I’m so sorry to hear this. I will be sure to sprinkle some extra magic dust over your house on Christmas Eve and hope you have a truly magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
sinon asks
Hey it true yiu used to be a reindeer ????
2018-12-05 09:28:41
Santa says
Hi Sinon. Is it true you spelt your own name wrong? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aj asks
Hey Santa... please give a shout out to Primrose Nursery Doha!! We believe
2018-12-05 06:57:09
Santa says
Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas to all you lovely children at Primrose Nursery, Doha! I can’t wait to watch your smiley faces when Aj reads this to you. Love, Santa ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Christopher asks
Hey Santa... how are you
2018-12-05 03:19:25
Santa says
Hi Christopher. I’m very well, thank you. How are you? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brenda asks
Hey Santa...i wanted to see if you could make Christmas a great time tgis year and if you could maybe give my mom and grandparents good presents because they spend everyday working hard for all of us. Please☺️🙏
2018-12-05 01:15:00
Santa says
Hi Brenda. What a lovely, thoughtful little girl you are. This is exactly why you’re on my nice list. The world needs more people like you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kai asks
Hey going to be at my grandmas house for christmas this year. can you please make sure to come to her house instead of my mommys house?
2018-12-05 00:42:25
Santa says
Hi Kai. Of course I can. You leave it to me ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Reese Carrel asks
Hey Santa... Can you send a message to our Elf, Princess Snowflake?
2018-12-04 23:30:31
Santa says
Hi Reese. Of course. What would you like me to tell her? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tripp asks
Hey Santa... are yih keeping your elves secret or are they makjng toys??
2018-12-04 21:31:16
Santa says
Hi Tripp. We have a lot of elves making toys and the naughty ones all became an ‘elf on the shelf’ ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
angela asks
Hey Santa... Rosanna is a good girl
2018-12-04 20:26:47
Santa says
Great to hear thank you for letting me know Angela
Hey Santa...when i go to bed please read my list Z
2018-12-04 20:20:50
Santa says
I will do Lizzie thank you.
Lainey asks
Hey Santa... I want what I want for Christmas is to be a grown-up and be 18 and I wanna have Besty’s and I want Haley to be my Besty with a BFF and I love her and I also love hope and I want her to be 18
2018-12-04 20:20:20
Santa says
Thank you. An odd message but I think I know what you mea Lainey.
Harrison asks
Hey Santa... am i on the nice list this year?
2018-12-04 18:17:31
Santa says
I do believe you are Harrison
angela asks
Hey Santa... Rosanna is being a very good girl
2018-12-04 18:08:45
Santa says
Always good to hear thank you Angela.
Nicola cole asks
Hey Santa...will mu elves be okay as my brother touched it?
2018-12-04 17:19:51
Santa says
I'm sure this time will be fine but do tell them to be careful next time. Happy Christmas Nicola.
Taylor asks
Hey Santa... Am I on the good list
2018-12-04 15:51:50
Santa says
I can see your name on there yes, well done Taylor.
Tom asks
Hey Santa hey santa...
2018-12-04 08:32:16
Santa says
Hey Tom, Hey Tom.
Joshua asks
Hey Santa...hi santa cant wait ro watch you fly over norwich and hope you not too stressed cant wait !!! love josh 18
2018-12-04 08:11:53
Santa says
I love Norwich. I think it's better than London. I wish I lived there Joshua.
Jess asks
Hey Santa I got an elf on the shelf and he did something naughty do they do that?
2018-12-04 06:53:02
Santa says
It depends what he did. They are often mischievous.
Lindsey C. asks
You’re lit like a Christmas tree. I may be 18, but you’re still cool.
2018-12-04 05:21:16
Santa says
Thank you Lindsey.
Mathew asks
Hey Santa... How are you iv been very good butvthe only thing i want is vbucks. Dear., Mathew
2018-12-04 05:03:19
Santa says
Thank you Matthew and well done.
Arizona asks
Hey ariozna an i cant wait for you to visit !!
2018-12-04 04:15:53
Santa says
Me to Arizona. It's getting closer now. Stay good.
Jaylen asks
Hey my elf coming this year?
2018-12-04 03:50:42
Santa says
Oh yes, he should be there by now Jaylen.
Megan asks
Hey Santa... i want a elf on the shelf saint bernard
2018-12-04 02:58:41
Santa says
Thank you Megan, I'll speak to Head Elf for you.
Keagan asks
Hey Santa,i am 10. I want a giant cloud slime. Are you real?And i am naughty or nice?
2018-12-04 01:45:59
Santa says
Yes I'm real. Here I am replying to you. Nice if you are good. Keep up the good work Keagan.
Bryson asks
Hey Santa...haye santu im bryson and i want a enaletince hover board with dinosaurces on it and i whont blowe the dinosaur whith spiks on the bake whith spiks on the tale plese and thanke you
2018-12-04 00:52:01
Santa says
Hi Bryson. I will see what I can do for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lucas Panighetti asks
Hey Santa...I would like a used X BOX 360
2018-12-04 00:47:50
Santa says
I'll see what I can do Lucas, thank you for the message.
Kai asks
Hey Santa...we are having an eatly christmas at my moms house this year. can you please come a few days early this year?
2018-12-04 00:47:38
Santa says
I'd love to Kai but as you can imagine I'm just a little bust this time of the year. I hope you have a lovely time.
Wheeler asks
Hey Santa...this is Wheeler and Hunter
2018-12-04 00:36:48
Santa says
Hello Wheeler and Hunter this is Santa
James Pettipas asks
Hey Santa... Kane did come im so happy but I think kane wants a frined can you see if one of his frineds can come to my home?
2018-12-03 23:45:33
Santa says
Hi James. How do you know Kane doesn’t invite his elf friends in for a party when you’re asleep? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Morgen asks
Hey Santa... do you think I have been good this year
2018-12-03 22:24:11
Santa says
I do believe you have Morgen, well done.
charisma Penelope degroot asks
hi santa ofc you know my name for christmas can i pls have. lots of big Squishys and a amercian girl doll that looks like me and a giant amercian girl doll playset And A giant LOL doll school and a indoor swing and a Giant intial C that can flip AND OF
2018-12-03 22:21:01
Santa says
Hi Charisma. That’s a very long list you have there. I will try my best ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
boiiiii asks
hi santa i want the monez for christmas oh and your dumb
2018-12-03 21:40:27
Santa says
Oh I see. Thats not very nice. I think you might have moved to the naughty list.
Thai asks
Hey Santa...have I been good this year
2018-12-03 21:04:27
Santa says
I believe you have Thai, thank you for getting in touch.
Sanjana asks
Hey Santa... i love you please can i stay awake at night to see you i will not tell my friends.
2018-12-03 20:57:41
Santa says
You must go to sleep. If you are awake I'll say hi Sanjana. But Christmas will come quicker if you do go to sleep.
shellby asks
Hey Santa my elf is not here yet why is that...
2018-12-03 19:48:32
Santa says
Mmm, thats odd, I'll have a word with Head Elf. Sorry Shellby.
Tirzah asks
Hey Santa please Santa bring a special toy for Tommy
2018-12-03 18:44:21
Santa says
I do believe there is something ready to come to Tommy.
Caitlin asks
Hey Santa... how are u
2018-12-03 18:30:10
Santa says
Doing great thanks Caitlin.
Ellie asks
Hey Santa i am Ellie i want a new phone for xmas please
2018-12-03 17:49:36
Santa says
Ah yes a popular choice Ellie. Stay good.
Sophie and Grace asks
Hey Santa... we hope you are feeling ok! we are so excited for christmas Sophie, Grace and Harry
2018-12-03 17:46:34
Santa says
I'm feeling great, thank you both for asking. I'm excited too. Stay good Sophie, stay good Grace.
Esmae asks
Hey Santa... I have been a very good girl for my mummy hope you visit soon
2018-12-03 17:12:14
Santa says
Thats great to hear Esmae. Thank you for letting me know.
Ethan Tasker asks
hi buddy has arrived and demolished our christmas tree
2018-12-03 16:02:26
Santa says
Oh dear, I think I need to speak with him. Leave it with me Ethan. Oooops!
Mario asks
Hi santa i want a rc car for christmas ok bye
2018-12-03 05:35:17
Santa says
Ooo, now that sounds like fun Mario.
Lily asks
Hey Santa how are you
2018-12-03 04:47:48
Santa says
I'm very well, thank you Lily.
tony and augie asks
Hey Santa... hi this is tony and augie
2018-12-03 02:36:41
Santa says
Hello Tony and Augie, this is Santa
Heather asks
Hey Santa...hi santa
2018-12-03 02:23:17
Santa says
Hi Heather, Hi Heather
Evelyn asks
hi Santa! Are you busy?
2018-12-03 02:07:04
Santa says
I certainly am Evelyn, it's nearly Christmas. Ho ho ho
Dayton Carr asks
Hey Santa i been nauty this year and was wondering if i will still get any gifts? ...
2018-12-03 01:09:57
Santa says
I'm sure you are trying extra hard now though Dayton?
Becca asks
Hi Santa! Can you please tell Amelia she needs to go to bed? She wont listen to mommy
2018-12-03 00:57:40
Santa says
Oh dear. Amelia... you need to go to bed! Mind you, it depends what time of the day she reads this message mommy. Ho ho ho
Jaycie asks
Do you remember my Christmas list?
Santa says
Oh yes, I certainly fo Jaycie
Abby and Carson asks
Hey Santa... we are wondering when our elves will be coming? Hope to see them soon.
2018-12-03 00:10:09
Santa says
They'll be there very soon don't worry both of you.
Lily asks
Hey Santa... can we safely move our Elf on the shelf.. Cookie, only touching the tray she has hidden herself on (in our oven), without loosing her magic. We need to cook our dinner tomight 😁
2018-12-03 00:10:05
Santa says
Yes, I'm sure that will be ok. I'll make sure everyone knows. Thank you for asking Lily.
autumn asks
dear santa coud i have a doll ilke indiya, s with autumn on it pls
2018-12-02 23:33:04
Santa says
Thank you Autumn. A nice idea.
Indiya asks
Hey Santa i whought like a netendo swich for chrismas pls
2018-12-02 23:31:10
Santa says
Just the Switch? The on off button? ho ho ho. Thank you Indiya, I'll speak to the workshop.
Jerry - Parent asks
Hey Santa...Jerleeyah was naughty today. Do you think she deserves toys?
2018-12-02 23:20:02
Santa says
I'm sure she will try harder now you've spoke to me.
Chris asks
Hey daughter wants to know when Lily the elf (elf on the shelf) will come visit her. can you tell me when she will pay a visit?
2018-12-02 22:18:09
Santa says
Please say hi to Lily from me and I'll speak to Head Elf Chris.
Patty asks
Hey Santa...Lucas is not being nice, can you help?
2018-12-02 21:00:41
Santa says
Maybe you can tell him you've spoken to me Patty and maybe he'll behave??
Layla asks
hi santa i would like unicorn stuff
2018-12-02 20:29:56
Santa says
Oooo, thats lovely Layla. How about Unicorn Poop? There is a lot of it here. Ho ho ho.
Callie asks
Hey Santa...i would lile to no my future
2018-12-02 20:29:34
Santa says
The immediate future will be spelling Callie. Ho ho ho.
Kaylee asks
Hey Santa...i want a hoverborad
2018-12-02 20:00:04
Santa says
I see, thank you Kaylee. I'll have a look in the Workshop. You be careful on it. Santa accept no responsibility for any grazed knees.
Sebastián Cardona asks
Hey Santa...Can i ask you a favor,for christmas i really want Cozmo The Robot,its my favroite thing and i always look for it in stores so please get me it Thanks
2018-12-02 19:35:29
Santa says
Hi Sebastián. Cosmo is proving to be very popular this year. What do you like about it? Do you think it will tidy your room for you?! Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mary Claire asks
Hey Santa... how are you?
2018-12-02 19:03:48
Santa says
Hi Mary Claire. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ginny asks
Hey Santa...i really want these three things the most 1 velvet scrunchies and a lot of them 2eyeshadow brushes 3acrylic paint a lot of colors i paint a lot oh and i also want the james charles eyeshadow palett but it os really expensive
2018-12-02 18:27:44
Santa says
Hi Ginny. You have some amazing things on your list. I can’t wait to see your new paintings! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
grace asks
Hey Santa happy christmas what are you up to lately?i must say the radio is absoultly brilliant we have been a very good girls this year but had a few tantrums along the way but what can i say we are divas! we have found out our grandad is an EX santa ok
2018-12-02 16:01:54
Santa says
Hi Grace. Well, as you know, I’ve been very busy with Santa Radio. I have noticed you have been very good, well done. Your grandad is me?? Oh dear...ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Elyse asks
Hey Santa did you get my letter what I sent you .and I have been a good girl this year ...
2018-12-02 15:05:14
Santa says
Hi Elyse. I certainly did, thank you. Mrs Claus commented on how lovely your writing was. Keep up the good work ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Payton asks
Hey Santa...when will my elf get his magic
2018-12-02 13:55:22
Santa says
Hey Payton. He will get it eventually. Just be good and patient. Patience is everything ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aiden asks
Hey Santa... How are you doing?
2018-12-02 13:35:30
Santa says
Hey Aiden. I’m very well thank you, how about you? I saw you tried really hard at school today, well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jack asks
Hey Santa... its jack do you know when its chirstmas?
2018-12-02 12:04:59
Santa says
Hi Jack. Yes, of course I do. It’s on December 25th. Are you excited? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ellie asks
Hey ellie im 12 years old i have the spirit of a five year old i think what you do is amazing i dont mind if you dont get back to me because i know your bust lots of love ellie xx
2018-12-02 11:51:28
Santa says
Hi Ellie. What a lovely message. I also have the spirit of a 5 year old, especially at Christmas! I hope you have a magical time ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Vince t asks
Hey Santa... Hi Santa. I can’t wait to see you
2018-12-02 10:57:33
Santa says
Hi Vince. I’m so happy you’re excited. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼ğŸŽ„
alesha asks
hi santa please can you send alesha an elf
2018-12-02 09:16:45
Santa says
Hi Alesha. I will try my very best. All the naughty elves have left the workshop already. I hope one arrives for you
Finley asks
thankyou cant wair for you to come here and the eld has been very naughty
2018-12-02 09:10:25
Santa says
Oh wow, what has the elf been doing, Finley? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Finley asks
what are you doing today santa
2018-12-02 09:00:51
Santa says
Hi Finley. I’ve been working extra hard today. Mrs Claus made some biscuits and I’ve been taking care of the reindeer ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Freya asks
Hey are things goung today
2018-12-02 08:54:15
Santa says
Hi Freya. Very well, thank you. The elves are working extra hard so Mrs Claus has been baking biscuits for them all day ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Chania Currie asks
Hey Santa...i just wanted to know if i am on the naughty list or nice list and if i am on the nice list can i please have a:ipad and macbook laptop and i have been really progressing on my school work
2018-12-02 04:24:19
Santa says
Hi Chania. An iPad AND a MacBook? How about an iPad and a reading book? Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Chania asks
Hey Santa hows your day been?
2018-12-02 04:15:11
Santa says
Hi Chania. It’s been very busy and very tiring. The elves in the workshop have been working so hard. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
camila asks
Hey name is camila and i want a trampoline for christmas
2018-12-02 03:26:56
Santa says
Hi Camila. A trampoline? What do you call a sheep on a trampoline?....a wooly jumper! Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
chase asks
Hey Santa... my name is chase!
2018-12-02 01:42:55
Santa says
Hi Chase, my name is Santa ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Charlotte asks
Hey Santa...what would YOU like for christmas?
2018-12-02 01:38:36
Santa says
Hi Charlotte. I’d like to make all the children smile. That’s enough for me ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Luchia asks
Hey Santa. how are you doing?
2018-12-02 00:56:33
Santa says
Hi Luchia. I’m very well thank you, I’m just about to go to sleep ğŸ’¤ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Fred asks
Hey are you hi
2018-12-01 23:00:53
Santa says
Hi Fred. I’m very well, thank you. ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Emily asks
Hey Santa...we are going ice scating tomorrow can you come with us ? please santa. x
2018-12-01 22:29:04
Santa says
Hi Emma. I would have loved to but I’m like Bambi on ice! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
emma asks
Hey Santa...did you fly over the house tonight and see all the boys asleep?
2018-12-01 22:09:13
Santa says
Hi Emma. I certainly did. I like to check up on everyone to make sure they’re being good at bedtime ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Brianna asks
Hey Santa...hi santa it is me brianna i want a iphone 6plus
2018-12-01 21:50:11
Santa says
Hi Brianna. I think you need to add some manners to your list too... Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jossy asks
How are the elves? How are the reindeer? Can I factime Mrs. Claus??
2018-12-01 21:28:26
Santa says
Hi Jossy. The elves are great, they’re working so hard and the reindeer are all resting and waiting for the big day. Mrs Claus is camera shy and looks pretty rough on FaceTime....Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Chris asks
Hey Santa...samuel is now in bed but has been naughty
2018-12-01 21:22:05
Santa says
Hi Chris. Oh dear, this doesn’t sound fun. I will keep an extra eye on him. Maybe he’s just having one of those days ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Mavis.w asks
Hey are u i have been a bad girl all week please forgive me
2018-12-01 21:19:21
Santa says
Hi Mavis. I will forgive you. Don’t be so hard on yourself, we can’t always be good and we all have off days, especially Mrs Claus! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Nicola asks
Santa that last text made no sencse but u r amazballs please please please please tell dasiy my elf that i need her and that shes late
2018-12-01 17:38:29
Santa says
Hi Nicola. A text from me made no sense? Surely not. Maybe Daisy is stuck in traffic? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alisha asks
Hey are you
2018-12-01 17:06:41
Santa says
Hi Alisha. I’m very well, thank you. I hope you are too. I can’t hope wait for your cookies this year. Can they be sugar free?? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
natachas big sister asks
Hey little sister natacha is being very naughty! please can you remind her she is going to end up on the naughty list if she carries on!
2018-12-01 17:02:28
Santa says
Hi Natacha. Please remember I’m always watching. I really don’t want to use the naughty list this year. We can’t always be good but we can try ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jess asks
Hey Santa... I would love you to send me an elf on the shelf and i will be as good as gold
2018-12-01 16:34:40
Santa says
Hi Jess. It kind of doesn’t work like that. You should always be good, without conditions. Elves like to see good manners at all times. I hope your elf arrives ok ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
lily asks
Hey Santa...have you heard from henry elf?
2018-12-01 16:20:24
Santa says
Hi Lily. I haven’t as yet, maybe he’s too busy causing havoc at your house. I hope he’s making you laugh ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
violet ward asks
Did you get my letter?
2018-12-01 16:17:57
Santa says
Hi Violet. I did, I’ve just replied to your brother. You both have such lovely handwriting. I hope you all have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aidan ward asks
Hey Santa...did you get my letter?
2018-12-01 16:17:33
Santa says
Hi Aidan. I certainly did, thank you. I was just telling Mrs Claus what lovely handwriting you have ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Zoe asks
Hey Santa, I can’t wait to see you this year!! I will leave you milk and cookies and some carrots for the raindeers💗 I love you 💙
2018-12-01 15:02:50
Santa says
Hi Zoe. How very kind of you. I’m really looking forward to those. We really enjoyed them last year. In fact, Rudolph asked if you could leave an extra one this year ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
mommy asks
Hey Santa...Austin T
2018-12-01 14:52:59
Santa says
Really? You don't say?? Ho Ho ho
Nyla asks
Hey Santa... I want to know can I snuggle with my Elf Banana for night so I can sleep in my bed? thanks
2018-12-01 14:50:24
Santa says
Hi Nyla. Unfortunately not. If you sleep with him, how will he get up to mischief and make you laugh? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jaylin🤙🏽 asks
my cuz colton called u gay
2018-12-01 14:46:07
Santa says
Really? Maybe I’ll skip your cuz’s house this year then
Morgen asks
Hey Santa... Do you think I have been good I have not really known if I was but do you think I have been good so far?
2018-12-01 14:45:26
Santa says
Hi Morgen. I think you’ll just about make it to the nice list. Let me set you a challenge to be kind to one person every day for a full week. Make someone smile ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Evie asks
Hey Santa... i am looking forward to you visiting our house
2018-12-01 14:16:21
Santa says
Hi Evie. I’m excited too! Please could I have cookies this year? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Nicola asks
hi Santa sorry to bother you again but please tell my elf Dasiy to come back 😀
2018-12-01 13:52:35
Santa says
I will have a word Nicola, thank you.
ralphie asks
Hey Santa...I have been a good boy for mummy
2018-12-01 13:40:07
Santa says
Hi Ralphie. I know, you’ve been such a good boy this year, you should be very proud of yourself. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ian asks
Hey Santa...what am i geting for chrimast
2018-12-01 13:36:18
Santa says
Hi Ian. I was thinking about getting you a penguin. You could keep it in your bath 🐧
Nicola asks
Hi Santa my elf Dasiy is not here yet and its December first can you tell her to come?
2018-12-01 13:34:08
Santa says
Hi Nicola. Maybe your elf got lost? Or maybe she’s Christmas shopping? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jamie asks
Hey Santa...i havent been very good this year
2018-12-01 13:23:26
Santa says
Hi Jamie. Maybe you could start being good before you find yourself on the naughty list. It’s never too late to start making the right choices ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Rhys asks
Hey Santa... My Elf on the Shelf is afraid of the dog. What do we do??
2018-12-01 10:50:26
Santa says
Hi Rhys. Rehome your dog until Christmas Day?? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ezzy asks
Hey Santa... I hope your OK
2018-12-01 10:14:38
Santa says
I am thank you Ezzy. I hope you are too.
Eden-Leigh asks
Hey Santa... I love your show and I listen with my baby brother Jensen and big brother Harrison. We can’t wait for you to visit on Xmas eve, we’ll leave you a cake xx
2018-12-01 09:48:22
Santa says
Hi Eden-Leigh. How wonderful you all enjoy my show. I was just telling Mrs Claus what such lovely names you all have. Better still, you’re all on the nice list, well done you awesome trio ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Natasha asks
Hey Santa...its a shame elfie isnt here is he poorly?
2018-12-01 06:48:25
Santa says
Hi Natasha. Are you sure he hasn’t arrived yet??? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kayla-jade asks
hey you are awesome
2018-12-01 02:43:21
Santa says
Hey Kayla-Jade. Thank you- that’s very kind of you to say. I also think you’re awesome too! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
crew asks
Hey Santa...i have been a good boy. my elf has been watching me.
2018-12-01 01:07:11
Santa says
Hey Crew! You certainly have, I’ve noticed. Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
James Pettipas asks
Hi its me again well kane be coming back? Well you can you try to get me a cell phone please and I hope you talk to me as fast if you can.
2018-12-01 01:03:56
Santa says
Hi James. I would have hoped he arrived by now. Did he come? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
James Pettipas asks
Hey Santa...I am so happy to have been talking to you but ive been wonderinghow come you dont let people see you?
2018-12-01 00:59:23
Santa says
Hi James. Well, as you know I’m very busy but I like to be a mystery for children. The fun in Christmas would be gone if I rocked up to say hello ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Erick asks
Hey are things going? im sure its busy. give me a ring when you can
2018-12-01 00:43:54
Santa says
Hi Erick. It’s super busy here at the minute. In fact, I think we’ve just finished making one of your toys! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tess asks
Hey Santa...what are you doing right now
2018-12-01 00:10:21
Santa says
Hi Tess. Right now, I’m sat by the fire with Mrs Claus, roasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Tiny asks
Hey Santa...I touched my Elf on the Shelf. Please don’t make him go back to the North Pole. Please, please, please Santa.
2018-11-30 23:53:33
Santa says
Hi Tiny. Don’t worry, if it was an accident, he’ll stay. Just be very careful - you don’t want the magic to disappear ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Alondra asks
Hey Santa...Robhy is misbehaving. I am concerned he may not deserve Christmas presents.
2018-11-30 21:58:22
Santa says
Hi Alondra. It’s been a couple of days since you text. How is he now? I will keep my eye on him ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aden asks
Hey Santa...What is my elf on the shelf’s name?
2018-11-30 21:51:00
Santa says
Hi Aden. Have you forgotten it already? How about you re name him Nicholas after me? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Grace asks
Hey Santa...will we be getting an elf tomorrow?
2018-11-30 20:54:19
Santa says
Hi Grace. All the elves are en-route to children’s houses and should reach everyone by tomorrow. I hope one arrives for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Evie Collis asks
Hey Santa... i just wanted to let you know that both me and my little sister (Rosie) are now staying at my nannies on christmas Eve. please can you deliver presents there instead? thank you lots of love from Evie and Rosie
2018-11-30 18:25:01
Santa says
Hi Evie
Simba asks
Hey Santa...I made it back to the Kershner girls! I have missed them so much. I will report back tomorrow night when I return to the North Pole! -Simba the Elf
2018-11-30 17:56:56
Santa says
Excellent thank you for checking in Simba.
evelyn asks
Hey Santa...what up homester
2018-11-30 16:08:12
Santa says
Yo Evelyn. Thank you, all up and doing good YO!
sienna asks
😀😃😄😀😃😄😁😆 i cant wait to see you tommorow hahaha
2018-11-30 11:49:38
Santa says
I hope you enjoyed it Sienna.
Savannah asks
Where dose my crush, Ethan live? I want to post him a present
2018-11-30 05:27:17
Santa says
Due to Data Protection, I can't answer that Savannah. Apologies.
Jhon asks
hi santa im on Mars i want lots of things for christmas fill my house wih presents plz :/ and youtube not to be hacked by the game master and that the game master would be a good guy and a PS4 and a xbox and a nintento switch
2018-11-30 03:48:51
Santa says
Goodness Jhon, thats a detailed list thank you.
poopoohead asks
Hey Santa... im poopoohead
2018-11-30 03:37:26
Santa says
Oh dear. Really? I hope you feel better soon.
olivia asks
Hey Santa...whats up?
2018-11-30 03:05:53
Santa says
The Sky, the Sun, Stars, The Moon. Ho Ho Ho Olivia.
jack asks
my daughter wont sleep in her bed
2018-11-30 02:45:38
Santa says
Hi Jack. When your daughter is older and doesn’t want to sleep in your bed, you’ll look back at this and wish you’d allowed her to sneak in more often. Make the most of it ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Lacy asks
Hey Santa...we are signing songs about you!
2018-11-30 02:44:57
Santa says
Thats always a great thing to do Lacy.
Sydney asks
Hey Santa... I want a puppy for christmas and other things to but seriously a puppy!!
2018-11-30 02:17:21
Santa says
Hi Sydney. Unfortunately, I’m unable to carry live animals on the sleigh. How about a soft toy instead? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
annagrace asks
Hey Santa... can have an elf tonight
2018-11-30 02:14:32
Santa says
I think you forgot to type, please Anna Grace? Ho ho ho.
Madison asks
Hey Santa... I’ve been a real good girl his year and I would really like to have a hatchimal and one of Rudolph’s jingle bell from his collar I love you Santa and I will leave you milk and cookies and some carrots for Rudolph
2018-11-30 00:58:00
Santa says
Hi Madison. A hatchimal? Wow. That should keep you busy on Christmas Day. I will ask Rudolph if he’ll let me leave his Bell for you ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Emily Hayl asks
Hey Santa... because I have been a good girl I’m going ice skating on sunday with all my friends from the Duke Of Edinburgh in Newgale . I wish you could come Love you Santa XXX
2018-11-30 00:40:43
Santa says
Hi Emily. Did you have a skate time? Oops, I mean a great time! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Charlotte asks
Hey Santa...This is Alex’s mom. He is 7 and a very good boy
2018-11-30 00:23:09
Santa says
Hi Charlotte. Thank you for letting me know, I have also noticed this. He’s a good boy because you’re a good Mom. Great team work ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Charlee asks
hey Santa, I would like black ops 4 for my psa 4, jeans, sweat pants, and I survived a bear attack book! thanks
2018-11-30 00:12:38
Santa says
A good list Charlee, thank you.
rhian asks
Hey Santa...hi i want a lots of toys when you come to get the cookies there will be my list love rhian.
2018-11-30 00:11:23
Santa says
You would LIKE lots of toys? I will see what we can do Rhian.
Zoee asks
Hey Santa... please tell zoee to stopping whining else you dont come!
2018-11-30 00:08:17
Santa says
Maybe you can tell her Zoee?
James Pettipas asks
Hey Santa...Im so happy to be messageing you and I hope you or one of your elves see my message that i have at home in paper on the table. Do your best all the time.:)
2018-11-29 23:35:42
Santa says
Hey James. I have seen it. It’s a lovely letter, thank you. I hope you have a magical Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Hayes asks
#you’rethebest Am i on the naughty list or tje nice list?
2018-11-29 22:57:36
Santa says
It looks like you are on the nice list Hayes.
Hayes asks
Hey Santa...hi my name is Hayes. Here is what i want for Christmas: an iphone, 100 dollar bills, 1000 dollars, and a new scooter and for my brother to be nice just for xmas eve and day.
2018-11-29 22:56:47
Santa says
Just a short list Hayes? Ho Ho Ho.
Rosie asks
Hey Santa...Im rosie
2018-11-29 22:42:08
Santa says
Hey Rosie, I’m Santa ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Morgen asks
Hey Santa... thank you and you are right i do not need technology to make me happier all i need is family and imagination 😁
2018-11-29 22:34:38
Santa says
Hi again, Morgen. Wow, I wasn’t expecting that response. High 5! Interacting with your loved ones is much better than interacting with cyber space. Merry Christmas ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
mylie Avants asks
Hey Santa ... ❤️❤️❤️
2018-11-29 21:56:37
Santa says
Hey Mylie. ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ„ğŸŽ„
Charlee asks
if i am for chrismas i would like the new lol doll house and some slime and some squshie’s thank you so much
2018-11-29 21:55:55
Santa says
A good list Charlee. Thank you
Stacey asks
Hey santa have I been good or bad. from Stacey xxx
2018-11-29 21:24:52
Santa says
It looks like a bit of both Stacey. :-)
Logan asks
Hey Santa i like you lots thank you for my toys
2018-11-29 20:43:15
Santa says
My pleasure thank you Logan.
Ellie asks
Hi santa i was wondering if you could get em a nintedo switch for christmas alongside a fitbit ace or altra. thanks alot!
2018-11-29 20:11:10
Santa says
I will speak to the Workshop for you Ellie.
Kayd asks
Hey Santa...this is Kayd. i made a mistake yesterday. and im very sorry. ive learened my lesson
2018-11-29 17:37:41
Santa says
As long as you know it was a mistake, all is forgiven Kayd.
Ramae asks
Hey Santa how are u?
2018-11-29 17:11:10
Santa says
I'm great thank you Ramae.
Lucy asks
hi santa what are you doing now???? am I on the good list I have a cat do you have a pet
2018-11-29 16:58:01
Santa says
I'm replying to you Lucy Ho Ho ho. I don't need pets, I have reindeers.
Katie asks
hi santa i want to send you a letter what is your adress
2018-11-29 15:12:52
Santa says
More than happy to accept messages here Katie.
Aniyah asks
Hey Santa... can you please send me a elf on the shelf??
2018-11-29 14:41:39
Santa says
I'll speak to Head Elf Aniyah
Grace asks
Hey Santa...this is Grace Jr.
2018-11-29 13:15:29
Santa says
Hello Grace Jr, this is Santa
Amara asks
Hey Santa... i have a brother that is being so rude
2018-11-29 02:16:45
Santa says
Oh dear. Tell him you've now spoken to me.
Karver asks
Hey Santa...this is Karver. I need to talk to you please. Can I still add something to my list?
2018-11-29 01:08:34
Santa says
Hi Karver. Sure, go long as it isn’t a pink and orange unicorn, we’ve run out of unicorn horns! Ho, Ho, Ho ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
daizy asks
hiMy name is Daisy and I also wanted to see you because I love theater
2018-11-29 01:03:25
Santa says
Thank you for the message Daisy.
Trevor asks
Hey Santa... how is the north pole?
2018-11-29 00:46:04
Santa says
It's very cold Trevor :-)
Alesha asks
Hey Santa... i love you
2018-11-29 00:32:54
Santa says
Thats very kind Alesha.
Liv and Ty’s mom asks
Hey kids really need to start listening better and respecting their mom and Gma and Papa. their teachers, too. Also, they need to work on not talking in nasty voices. just want to make sure you are watching them closely. I would hate for them t
2018-11-29 00:13:56
Santa says
Thank you for letting me know. Do tell them you have messaged me and lets see if they can be a little nicer eh?
Katie asks
hi santa can you send me a elf on the shelf my name is katie labelle and im 8 years old xxx
2018-11-28 23:51:39
Santa says
I'll speak to Head Elf for you Katie, thank you.
Taylor asks
Hey Santa...Izzy and Allison have been writing you a lot of letters. They are both trying to make the other seem like they need to be on the naughty list. It’s making me, your good old pal, really sad. Please let me know what list they are on so I can t
2018-11-28 23:45:32
Santa says
I do believe both Izzy and Allison are on the NICE list. At the moment. Ho ho ho.
Eden asks
Hey Santa... my name is Eden and I am a good girl who loves christmas!
2018-11-28 21:39:58
Santa says
Thats great to hear Eden. Thank you for letting me know.
Lilly asks
Hey Santa... I’m lilly
2018-11-28 19:28:28
Santa says
Hey Lilly, I’m Santa... what would you like this year? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Laura asks
Hey Santa...I am going to text you every night to tell you how well Poppy, Seth and Ivor have gone to bed.
2018-11-28 18:57:56
Santa says
Hi Laura. What a great idea! I’m sure you’ve instilled enough fear into them for them to behave until the 24th December. I like your style...ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Olivia asks
hey santa how are you today
2018-11-28 16:48:12
Santa says
Hi Olivia. I’m very well thank you. How are you? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Olivia asks
Hey Santa...hi what do i like doing
2018-11-28 16:22:43
Santa says
Hi Olivia. I know you like texting me! Ho, Ho, Ho! ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Kaitlyn asks
Hey Santa...can i touch the elves? im 16 so i dont know if that counts as an adult who can touch them?
2018-11-28 15:46:15
Santa says
Hi Kaitlyn. No, please don’t touch the elf. The magic will start to disappear if you do ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Anna asks
hi santa Anna hear do you know when my elf on the shelfs will arave?
2018-11-28 10:06:08
Santa says
Hi Anna. Your elf has left the workshop and should arrive by the 1st December. I hope you have lots of fun ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Rebecca asks
Hey Santa...i am 30 years old
2018-11-28 09:29:53
Santa says
Hi Rebecca. I’m 1,7
Ellie asks
Hi Santa i have a question have i been good this year
2018-11-28 08:10:27
Santa says
Hi Ellie. Let me check...oh, according to my head elf, Ellie, you have been amazing! Well done ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Ellie asks
Hello Santa How are you?
2018-11-28 08:09:44
Santa says
Hi Ellie. I’m very well thank you, I hope you are too ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Luke asks
hey when is the elf on the shelf going to be here
2018-11-28 07:26:13
Santa says
Hi Luke. The elves have set off on their long journey to you. They should reach you by the 1st December ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aniyah asks
Hey Santa... am I on the naughty list ?
2018-11-28 04:43:43
Santa says
I don't think so. Should you be?
Minka H. asks
Hey Santa...when will the Elves arrive? We are waiting for Candy Cane amd angelcanes. Thank you!
2018-11-28 04:27:16
Santa says
Hi Minka. The elves have set off on their long journey. They should reach you by the 1st December ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Austin asks
Hey Santa... God bless u!
2018-11-28 03:08:22
Santa says
Hi Austin. God bless you too
Mylie Avants asks
Hey Santa my elf on the shelf name is snowflake sparkle sprinkles do know her? love mylie avants, ❤️
2018-11-28 02:53:08
Santa says
Hi Mylie. Of course I do, she works very hard here at the North Pole. She’s the best at making us laugh. I hope you have lots of fun with her ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Savannah asks
Hey Santa can you give my crush, Ethan a note saying I like him for Christmas
2018-11-28 02:46:13
Santa says
Hi Savannah. Ethan would much prefer it if you gave him the note yourself. Be brave, it will be worth it in the end ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Jaylin asks
Hey Santa... my cousins hurley ans deakon have been really bad this year
2018-11-28 01:55:12
Santa says
Hi Jaylin. Have they really? Are you sure? Sure, sure?? ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Morgen asks
Hey Santa do you think if I can be better that you get me a phone for christmas plus i am more responsible
2018-11-28 01:17:16
Santa says
Hi Morgen. You don’t need to be ‘better’ at anything. Just be happy. I think technology is pants. You’ll have much more fun with your imagination. I will speak to the elves and see what they say ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Katie asks
hi santa my name katie is my friend ayla rose martens on the nice list she is my best friend
2018-11-28 01:01:44
Santa says
Hi Katie. I can see both your names on the nice list. Well done girls. What great friends you are to each other ğŸŽ…ğŸ¼
Aubree asks
Hey Santa...i was making dure i was on your good list ive been good this year
2018-11-28 00:26:51
Santa says