Santa Messages

Frequently asked questions

Here is a list of Frequently Asked Questions to Santa Radio.
If you have a question not listed, please use the form below to ask us

Where do you broadcast from?

Live from the North Pole with Santa as your host and DJ.

Wow! The Apps are free! Can I do anything for you?

Yes please. A nice review would be great. Go back to the app on the App store and click 'Reviews'

Will you play my song?

Is it good? Tell us more about your song via the Submit your song form. Please read before sending.

Do you have a shop?

Yes, you'll soon see it on the website?

Free Messages?

Yes, and it's going to get even better when we re-launch with over 2000 names!

How do I get on air?

Download the iOS app and select Record Me. Press send and we'll have a listen.

Why is it all free?

Why not? Christmas is about giving.

Do you take ideas for Santa Radio?

Of course. Think we've missed something? Do let us know.

Can I find Lyrics and Videos to Christmas Songs?

Click OUR MUSIC and search for the artist page. Press the Lyric tab or scroll down for their video.

How do I get my message played on air?

Make sure you are close to the phone, keep it short and fun and no tv in the background. Play it back before sending.

What’s with the Mug Shots?

We are on a mission to collect some great celeb pictures. We pay £5 for really good ones.

Can I help?

Yes please? Tell friends about Santa Radio. Let the media know that the best Christmas radio comes from the UK.

Why do I hear the same song?

As we are commercial free, we play more music. So you may here the big hits more often.