Thomas Forrester - TV Personality -  Santa Radio Mugshot

Thomas Forrester

TV Personality

Thomas Forrester - TV Personality - Santa Radio Mugshot
Bruce Davis

Thomas Forrester, a 47-year-old antique dealer with expertise in jewelry, watches, and silver, is one of the experts on the long-running BBC One series "Bargain Hunt." The show, which has been on the air for over two decades, challenges contestants to make a profit by finding valuable items. Thomas, along with other experts, provides guidance to contestants to help them make informed choices. In addition to his television work, Thomas is a co-founder of Special Auction Services, a business he started in 1991 with partners Neil Shuttleworth and Hugo Marsh. Before that, he held a position as the Head of the Department of Ceramics, Jewellery, and Silver at Gorringe's and Phillips.

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